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Birth Photography

I'm looking for a very inexpensive birth photographer for my 3rd son's birth. I didn't have the first 2 photographed, but I'm giving birth in a birth..."

How Much Did Your Prenatal and Birth Cost?

I just gave birth in June at the Shakopee Hospital. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and vaginal birth. The total for me and my daughter to stay in the ...

Abbott or Mercy Birth Center Opinions

I had to choose between going to a hospital I had never stepped foot in OR basically giving birth in a broom closet (LOL) where my CNM may or may not be ...

Childbirth and Head Cold

I have to say that when a woman is getting ready to give birth, her body must break down in some fashion to be ready to birth the baby. i had head colds ...

Birth Photographer

If you have a unscheduled birth, I could arrive within an hour of you calling me . I would also come to your home 2 weeks after the birth (give or take on ...

Anyone Experience Having a Baby Need Resuscitated After Birth?

Nov 18, 2009 ... The doctor would not listen to me when I warned him she comes from a long history of woman that give birth fast. So the baby was born with ...

Successful Birth After 3 Miscarriages

She also gave me a shot in the office. I gave birth to a beautiful baby ..... My SIL had 5 miscarriages, but is about to give birth to my second nephew. ...

Don't Want Certain People to Visit at the Hospital After Birth.........

This is your baby, and you want the birth to be special. I felt the same when when I gave birth. I think it's the mama instict kicking in. ...

Group Lamaze Classes in the Chicago, IL Area

I hope to give birth in the tub with the next baby that I have. During my labor I never once thought of getting an epidural and nobody ever offered it. ...

Mirena/other Birth Control?

I am not a big fan of hormone birth control. I refuse to take the pill..." ... abortion cost · give birth · birth control side effects · pregnancy birth ...
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