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Reccomendations for Safe Weight Loss Pills.

L.H. asks from Albuquerque

Hello Mamas! I am getting frustrated here!! I really need to shed 10-15 pounds and I'd love some advice from you mom's. I've been doing the South Beach Diet and ch...


Protein Shakes and Working Out for Weight Loss?

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

To the healthy savvy mama's here, I need a little guidance! I have been very unhappy with my post baby body after #3. It's strictly my mid section.So with the help ...


Anyone Tried the New "Acai Berry" Pills for Weight Loss

T.R. asks from Houston

I have been following the Weight Watchers plan and was considering trying the new "Acai Berry" pills to enhance my weight loss. Has anyone tried them and do they work...


Need Advice on Weight Loss Motivation

N.M. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, I'm not even sure why I am writing... maybe to have someone to tell my troubles to, but mostly to see if any of you out there have ever been in my shoes a...


Diet & Weight-loss

L.M. asks from Modesto

I am a young mother of 3 who started out weighing 125, i cant even tell you my weight now. I guess I feel way to busy to go to the gym, but I really want to loos...


Weight Loss Supplements

C.M. asks from Chicago

I have a lot of weight to lose and I am looking for a good supplement that will help me to lose weight quickly along with exercise. I am not trying to lose all of th...


Anyone Heard of Arbonne and the Figure 8 Weight Loss Program?

A.P. asks from Peoria

I went to a Ladies Day Out fund raiser at my 1st grader's school. There was an Arbonne rep discussing the Figure 8 weight loss program and the vitamins. It's expensi...


Need Weight Loss Ideas...

K.W. asks from Augusta

...I am a SAHM who can't remain motivated to drop about 20lbs. I've tried weight watchers, going to the gym, etc but the scale won't budge. For example- I did weigh...


Weight Loss and Breastfeeding

N.W. asks from Chicago

I have a five month old son named Sage who I breastfeed. I gained 40lbs with the pregnancy and I only lost 20 which was right after he was born. I thought that with...


Natural Appetite Suppressant

S.A. asks from Savannah

I'm looking for a natural appetite suppressant. Has anyone tried Hoodia? If so, what brand and what did you think?

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