spotting for days before period

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Light Spotting - Driving Me Crazy!

T.Q. asks from New York

Hey Ladies, I am going to be about six weeks pregnant, and i have had spotting for the past week. The spotting is sometimes browinish and then other times pinkish...


Spotting & Short Luteal Phase?

M.N. asks from Richmond

Trying for baby #2. Since having my first child 5 yrs ago, my periods have changed. My cycle is very regular, and according to the ovulation predictor kits I am ovula...


Spotting and Very Heavy Cycles

S.T. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone experienced dark brown spotting prior to their periods? I never have had this but the last 3 cycles I have had 3-5 days of dark spotting before I get my p...


Spotting and Cramping with Mirena IUD

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I had the Mirena IUD put in a week ago and have experienced some spotting and cramping. It happened the first two days and then again today. I know that...


Spotting 5 Weeks Pregnant

N.R. asks from Los Angeles

I was wondering if anyone else experienced spotting and mild cramps and back pain while 5 weeks pregnant. 4 days ago i started spoting. It is dark brown in color and ...


8 Days After Missed Period and a Negative Test

G.K. asks from St. Louis

I am 8 days late and usually regular having my period from the 22 to the 23 of the month. I was once 3 days late but had light brown spotting and this time that hasnt...


Spotting During Early Pregnancy

K.D. asks from Minneapolis

I don't have a question so much as need for reassurance. I just found out this morning that I'm pregnant with our second child (yeah!) BUT... with our daughter, I ju...


I've Been Spotting for 3 Days Now... What Does It Mean?

P.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi. We're Trying To Conceive for say 7 months now. Before my hubby and I got married, we have been doing the act and I was afraid then to get pregnant. But we did not...


10 Weeks and Spotting

D.R. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have a question for all of you who have been pregnant before. I am 10 weeks with my first, and I am just having a horrible time! At about 5 or 6 weeks, I was...


Spotting with Birth Control

G.B. asks from Kansas City

I've started spotting today and have now made myself completly paranoid and probably will be until I hopefully get my period. My son is 17 months old and I am in no ...

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