Light Spotting - Driving Me Crazy!

Updated on February 07, 2011
T.Q. asks from Deer Park, NY
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Hey Ladies,

I am going to be about six weeks pregnant, and i have had spotting for the past week. The spotting is sometimes browinish and then other times pinkish. I also seem to have a dull ache in my lower belly, almost like that feeling you get before you get your period.

I went to the doctor this past tuesday, and they took a sono. They said that it looked like a normal early pregnancy because there was a gestastional sac. There was no fetal pole or yolk sak.

I also had my blood taken and the doctors said my levels were "normal". The only thing is this bleeding, and it is driving me insane i always fear that i am going to have a miscarriage. Have any of you ladies had this? How did you deal?

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answers from New York on

Let start by saying I have a son now. I bleed this way for the first 6 months. I have altrusound after altrusound. It came every 3 weeks just before I would get my period on a normal cycle. So it was like I was getting my period on time every month this happen to my 6th month. They said the pain was from the baby growing and streching. Mine you this was my second child and I was going through this. All I can say is try and relax, what will be will be. I have a twin sister she said she had this for her entire prenancy. Its normal.

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answers from Boston on

I had bleeding at about that time with both my pregnancies. I think the doctor said it was the blood from the egg actually embedding in the uterine wall. I did have a missed abortions (horrible name, the baby died in utero) at 3 months, but that did not have any bleeding associated with it. So no bleeding can still be bad and bleeding can be just fine and normal. You could take your basal temps daily before you get up out of bed and chart them. If they stay high (and I mean by 0.1 degree increments) then you know your HGC levels are staying high and you are still pregnant. There is a book that explains a lot about hormones in pregnant and non pregnant women and how to take and chart your temps. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I had this with both of my pregnancies. And to make matters worse the blood seemed to get brighter red and more of it as my pregnancies progressed. I was labeled "threatened miscarriage" both times. And with my son I was sent to the er at one point. I had sonograms every two weeks and in each check the baby seemed fine. They finally found blood pooling in my uterus, but the cause or source could not be determined. The bleeding tapered off after my first trimester. It was very stressful to say the least, but both pregnancies turned into beautiful, healthy babies. Good luck to you!


answers from York on

Don't panic! I have had one miscarriage in March of 2009. I had brown discharge which got heavier daily and then became very red with cramping. I went to the ER and they had no info for me so the fact that doctors say everything is normal is a good sign. Bleeding can happen in the first 3 months from something as simple as a tear or even from sex. I got pregnant again 9 months later and gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy in July of 2010. I am pregnant right now and yesterday had heavy red bleeding for about 30 mins and then it went away. I went to the ER this morning and my US showed a heartbeat and fetal movement. Sometimes there are freak pregnancy scares. I am still a a little nervous but I do trust the doctors and if they say everything looks normal you should be ok. You should be able to see a heartbeat very soon in an US and that should take some stress off you. I wish you all the best and hope you go onto deliver a beautiful baby. Just remember to take it easy!


answers from New York on

I'm 14 weeks and Ive had cramps since I 4 weeks but they got after 12 after the first trimester so wait it should get better good luck


answers from Nashville on

My first pregnancy i had no bleeding. My second pregnancy around 4 1/2 weeks i started spotting just when i wiped and it was a pinkish color and it lasted for a week then the spotting started to pick up so i went to the ER and they did an ultra sound and said the baby was there and had a heart beat but was a possible miscarriage. My doctor apt. was 3 days after that and they did a ultra sound and baby was there but no heart beat and my levels were dropping. So i ended up having a miscarriage. My bleeding only lasted 10 days and as soon as i was done bleeding i got pregnant immediatly and this pregnancy i am now almost 9 weeks and havent had any bleeding with this one at all. Not trying to scare you but i would def. go back to the doc in a week and do ultra sound and blood work again to keep an eye on it. Good Luck:)



answers from New York on

Did this with three out of four healthy pregnanies. One preg had heavy bleeding. No miscarriages



answers from Albany on

This happened to me for weeks with the pain and spotting. It drove me crazy but it went away and now I am in my 27th week. Good luck!


answers from Kansas City on

have you tried increasing your water intake? i had bleeding around this time and i was told i was dehydrated, even though i showed no other signs. i was already drinking what i thought was a ton of water - wasn't enough apparently.

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