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Skin Care Products

H.H. asks from Louisville

hello all, my sister and i were wondering at what age should we start using skin products for wrinkles and such... and what products are best per your opinion. I am 2...


Recommendation for Skin Care

R.M. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello everyone, I'm five months pregnant with my first (after a year and a half of trying) and we're thrilled! I have a really minor, silly question for you all......


Good Skin Care!!

A.L. asks from Los Angeles

I feel like im getting such tired eyes, I have sensitive skin but I need something that will help with the little wrinkles im getting around my eyes.I don't mind spen...


What Is a Good Skin Care Products for a Preteen Girl??

T.N. asks from Fort Wayne

My oldest daughter is 11 and it is time that she use some skin care products. There are so many products out there that I was hoping to get some suggestions from othe...


Skin Care Professional

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hello, I have light acne scarring on my face and would like to try professional microdermabrasion. My problem is that I do not know where to go. I called several...


Skin Care for Pre-teens

B.M. asks from Orlando

Any suggestions on skin care for my two pre-teen daughters (ages 11 and 9)? I noticed that they are both starting to get a pimple here and there, and I would like th...


Skin Care Advice

R.M. asks from New York

Hey There. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my face is bursting with blemishes. I've tried washing my face more often but now my skin is really dry. I do squeeze the blemi...


Skin Care Product

L.T. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if some of you mom's out there may have solution for me. I was looking for something to help reduce the size of my pores and also tighten my skin a...


Skin Care Regime

S.S. asks from Seattle

I need a skincare regime to keep up with me. I am in my mid thirties and want to know what creams ( overnight) are good to help keep my skin looking fresh. What prod...


Microdermabrasion During Pregnancy - Skin Care During Pregnancy

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Is microdermabrasion safe during pregnancy? I was just about to start my skin care routine at my doc's office when I found out I am preggers! I am really wanting to...

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