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Updated on June 09, 2013
S.S. asks from Seattle, WA
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I need a skincare regime to keep up with me. I am in my mid thirties and want to know what creams ( overnight) are good to help keep my skin looking fresh.
What products do you use that actually do work? I have gone to the cosmetic counter but every brand offers something different and are very $$$. I don't mind spending, but only on one product that works.

Any ideas?

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answers from San Antonio on

Nerium is amazing. Sold online. I can make a one month supply last two months, which is the only reason I can afford it. The difference in my skin in 6 weeks is unreal. I just order it online, rather than through anyone.

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answers from Eugene on

Before you purchase anything, I highly recommend that you check the Cosmetics Safety Database. Sadly, there are many products being sold today that have cancer-causing compounds, parabens and other nasty chemicals in them (a lot of which are banned in other countries!!). The site is:

There are some really great lines out there that are free of all the nasty stuff. I've personally tried products from 100% Pure, Alima Pure, Pacifica and Juice Beauty.

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answers from New York on

Mum4ever is dead on: Everyone has different skin types so you should choose your products accordingly. However, I am a "firm" believer in sunscreen for ALL skin types. Dang, if I only paid attention during my carefree 20s and tanning teens :-).

I love the Neutrogena line. It has built-in sunscreen and is gentle on the skin. I prefer SPF 20, and being in my 40s, I am using the antiwrinkle repair.

And I second TF Plano. Clinque rocks. I worship the Clinque Even Better line. It smooths my skin big time and I wear it as a foundation/sunscreen over the Clinique. Even when I remove it, my skin seems much shinier.

So get out there and experiment. You can makeup counter hop :-)

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answers from Dallas on

I started using Clinique when I was 11 and I STILL use it twice daily. It is perfect for me. I am 50 and no one believes I am 50. My husband is 56 but he has solid white hair and we are often mistaken as a dad and daughter vs hubby/wife. He has great skin but his hair ages him.

I used the products from Clinique that best suited my skin for each stage. Right now I use the Repairwear line.... laser focus, eye cream, night cream and I use Jose Moran Argon Oil. I also use Noxema at night because I love it.

My 18 yr old uses Clinique as well. She too has great skin and a great routine.

Of course other factors come into play such as genetics, drinking a LOT of water, sunscreen, etc.

My mom took me to the dermatologist when I was 11 as a proactive approach and he suggested Clinique. Other things he suggested were Cetaphil and Purpose.

Also, keep in mind that products do seem pricey. I may pay $60 for a container of cream that I use twice daily and if you use the proper amounts, it should last you a good 6 months. The Argon oil I bought is a small bottle and I use 2 drops twice daily and I've had it over 4 months and it is still half full.

Work with a brand that works with you as well. For instance, clinique stands by their product but there are some people who cannot use it. They will fully guarantee the product and you will get a refund or exchange if you just talk to them vs getting angry over wasted money again and throwing the product in a drawer.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I have truly had the best long term effects with Mary Kay.

I order the Extra Emollient Cleansing Cream because it is the only product that I can get the eye makeup off and my eyes not swell and turn red. It also leaves my skin luscious. It is very very very....well, sort of greasy but it wipes off well. It's almost like putting baby oil on to get heavy mascara off but it is like an ointment in consistency.

I also use the green facial mask/scrub. I like how it leaves the skin to soft and smooth.

I have to argue with almost every Mary Kay sales person who wants me to come to a party because they have changed the whole shopping experience. I know what "I" want and need. I do not want to put any of their other stuff on my skin. I have given in a couple of times and gotten rashes. They figured out that "I" know what I want and don't even offer a facial to me unless I ask about a new product.

Another option I loved for a while is Melaleuca skin care products. I used their cleansing cream and base. People stopped my at college and asked me what I had done differently. It was that much of a difference.

But as you know these companies are always improving their products and it's not the same product we want anymore. So be sure and try them out. That's one thing good about Mary Kay and Melaleuca, you can try them out first.



answers from Seattle on

S., we all have such different skin types, and your skin type should guide you in your skin care.

I am very fair, and allergic to most skin care products. I use either Dermalogica or Costco's Kirkland by Borghese products.



answers from Corvallis on

Products that I love;
Nancyboy has a night "ultramarine" cream that is only 50 dollars and is really nice

DHC is a line of both cosmetics and skin care that I have found to be very good and generally priced right (EGF cream is amazing - though a little pricey). I LOVE their cleansing oil (don't be fooled by oil in the name - it is good for all skin types) and I use this everyday.

But my current, all time favorite for face cream (which I only tried initially as a result of groupon) is actually Christy Brinkley's line. The packaging is environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, no bad stuff, not tested on animals etc. You can purchase via her website. If you order a two month supply you get the best bargain and it should last you longer than two months since it is concentrated stuff - at least it does me. I love that it is very simple and consists of a day cream and a nighttime cream. I have gotten more compliments on my skin since using this line than anything else I've ever used.

Of course as others have noted - everyone's skin is different and you may have to try a few things before you land on your perfect product.
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,

I am an avid user of ROC products. Their facial Scrub/cleanser is AWESOME!!

Also, I just went to the Sephora store this weekend, and they gave me a sample of Philosophy " Full of Promise" moisturizer. It's a bit pricey $65, but it is THE BEST neck and facial cream I have used thus far!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I use Prescriptives products and I love them. For years I used their Fresh Foaming Cleanser and after I became a SAHM, buying the product became pretty costly (it's $18 a tube), so I was using Dove soap and Ponds moisturizer (which is good by the way) and after a while my skin was getting dry so it was suggested to me to use Neutrogena to wash my face and a few months ago I noticed my skin was just getting horrible. Like, crazy dry and flaky and I am moisturizing like mad and my face is breaking out like a teenager. For whatever reason I decided to just go back to my Prescriptive cleanser (because I loved it so much) and no lie, my face cleared up and felt so smooth within a day, maybe 2. Stuff is so good! It really cleans your face and afterwards, it feels so soft, not squeeky clean dry. I usually don't even use a moisturizer (because my face feels so soft afterwards). That's my suggestion. The only place you can get it now is online. Whatever brand you go with, if you go to a department store at a cosmetics counter, you should be able to get a sample of what you want to try.

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