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Fashion Advice

⊱.H. asks from Spokane

Hello :) I need some fashion advice ~ my 20 year high school reunion (man, that makes me feel old saying that!) is this summer and I need to start looking for my o...


What Can We Do???

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

After battling breast cancer for almost 5 years, a co-worker/friend was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and given a very short amount of time to live. Naturally...


Alaskan Cruise - Update

R.K. asks from Boston

Does anyone know about Princess cruises to Alaska? What does one wear to cruise dinners when it's so cold!!!!???


Bat Mitzvah

M.F. asks from Denver

Hello Mamas! I know someone out there will know the etiquette for a Bat Mitzvah. I am honored to have been invited to a friends daughters Bat Mitzvah, however I hav...


8 Grade Graduation

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hey! I am in 8 grade and am graduating to high school in about 2 months. I found a GORGEOUS dress but I am not sure if it is too fancy or not. The dress is a mint g...


I Need a Good Stroller

C.W. asks from Washington DC

Okay, you would think after 3 children that I would have the stroller issue down, but sadly, I still can't seem to get one that both me and my child like. We current...


Baby Slings

P.S. asks from Boston

Does anyone have a recommendation for a baby sling? I did not use one with my first child but thinking I may want one for my second. I want something comfortable an...


Can You Wear..

K.M. asks from Laredo

Black to a wedding?? going to a friends wedding in a couple weeks and I cant find any prints or color dresses I like enough.


Mama's Boy

S.Q. asks from Boston

My one yr. old has alwyays been "high maintenence" as I like to call him. Over the past few months he has become increasingly attached to me. Now we are at the point ...



M.P. asks from Dallas

My 52 year old aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 (terminal) lung cancer, yesterday. We do not know of a treatment plan to prolong her life yet, but I want to do things...

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  • allow strapless dresses in 2 answers "Our school did not allow strapless dresses."
  • maya wrap in 4 answers "I had only a Maya wrap ring sling for my first, and that took us through 18 months."
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