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Updated on January 22, 2013
C.W. asks from Lutherville Timonium, MD
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Okay, you would think after 3 children that I would have the stroller issue down, but sadly, I still can't seem to get one that both me and my child like. We currently have a Graco and she (15 months) screams and arches as soon as she sees it. I thought this may be because she just wants to be up and about, but she doesn't seem to mind the cheap umbrella stroller. I think she likes being more upright than the Graco is capable of. I like to walk with my friend at least once a week for an hour or two and the cheap stroller would not cut it on the trail. I was considering a Maclaren, but I can't figure out which model to get. Which strollers do both you and your child like?

I am also tall, so the ability to not hunch over is a plus. and some storage would be nice. And the ability to put some toys on would also be helpful, but not a necessity. My other kids are older so I only need a single stroller

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answers from Milwaukee on

I cannot say enough good things about my Bob Revolution SE! I love it, use it everyday and can't imagine life without it! I am actually getting ready to buy the duallie for when #3 arrives in June!

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answers from Portland on

The McLaren line will likely do for you if you are tall. I'm short (like 4'11.5") and it was too tall for me; our old Chicco which I loved was too short for my 6' husband.

One word of caution, the Volo does have a problem with some of the stitching on the side of the base of the seat coming out. I do think it's likely easy to fix with a needle and thread, just to tack it into place, however, if this is the model you want, look online for a deal.We got one off ebay brand new for half price. Otherwise, does fold easily and will work well for a taller person. (Husband was relieved when we got it.)



answers from Washington DC on

We have a Peg Perego Si and while it was $250 we love it. The handles are adjustable so my taller husband and I can have it to our liking. It folds up small but is very durable. We have taken it everywhere and went sightseeing all through Prague and Austria and it held up great. It has a huge storage space underneath and your daughter can sit all the way up, or can lay all the way down.



answers from Chicago on

Love my combi double stroller & how compact it is



answers from Los Angeles on

I liked the Joovy Caboose Sit and stand. My kids are thin so I could put the baby carrier in the front and have two kids standing and/or sitting in the back. It's like having a Segway for kids. I also can put the carrier in the back but that means only one child can fit in the front. I like it because it's the most compact double stroller there is. Graco was just so long (I owned one) and the Combi side by side was cool but then you can only fit one kid in each. I did like the compactness of it though. The Joovy Caboose is so compact that if I only had one child in it, it looked and felt like a single stroller. The Graco and other sit and stands, you really see and feel how hard it is to manuever around because of it's size.



answers from Norfolk on

I highly recommend the Joovy Caboose ULTRALIGHT. It is a sit-n-stand style.... but only 21 lbs and drives like a dream. Older kids can fit in back too. As my kids got older I took the tray off the front and they can climb in and out of the front or back as needed. Perfect for the zoo or mall. And of course you can always strap them in. But I caution you against any other sit-n-stand, because they are heavy and bulky and hard to steer. Ultralight is the way to go!



answers from Cincinnati on

I have a Combi Flare and I love it. It is extremely light weight/compact and it is tall enough for me (I'm 5'9"). The basket underneath isn't quite as big as the travel system strollers, but it is a good size- I could fit my diaper bag in it. I had that one for my now 4 year old and it is a little beat up (and I have a slight addiction to buying strollers), so I just bought a Chicco Literide for my 6 mos old. I have yet to use it, but it gets good reviews- a lot of which came from tall people, saying that it was a good height. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I bought my new car last month a whole lot quicker than I bought a stroller for my granddaughter who I babysit. Knew exactly what I wanted in a car. A stroller, holy cow. Weight, ease of closing, comfort for a little one and on and on!!! Can't help you on which MacLaren to get. I will be facing that decision soon enough lol.


answers from Milwaukee on

I LOVE Maclarens and I think you would be happy with any of them.



answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE MACLARENS!!!! Unfortunately, you are going to have to make a sacrifice and accept a teensy little mesh storage underneath.

I hated big Graco type strollers. They are too bulky.

I had the Techno (over $200) and the Volo ($99). The Volo doesn't recline and is the most basic umbrella type. The Volo is great for plane traveling.

Techno is heavier (folding and lifting onto mass transit or the back of your car). So it really depends: does she needs to recline and sleep it in or not. If you don't mind her sleeping upright, then go Volo. The Techno is good if she likes to "hide" and make a cave for privacy (put a shawl over the top to protect from bright sun, say).

My kids are 12 and 8.5. I see Volo's at garage sales for $20-50 and you have no idea how tempted I am to buy one! Maclaren's are GOLD. But, I obviously have no need for them.

If you need to save money, check Craigslist. You might find some for sale there.



answers from Richmond on

we have an eddie bauer stroller, pricey, but my daughter loves it
K. h.



answers from Columbus on

Love our Bob! Maybe go to one or more stores and try them out with her in them. That way you can both get a good feel for it and find one that works for both of you.

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