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A big way I save money with 3 kids with and without coupons is to PLAN MY MEALS for at least a week. That keeps me from going back to the store every other ...

Tops on Saving Money

What do you do to save money. Any advice would be helpful..." ... I shop sales and use coupons - today, I spent $100 at the grocery store and saved $60. ...

Ways to save Money

Read all 11 responses: "Does anyone have a good way to save money? ... I only clip the coupons for things that we use. Also, pay attention to the sales ...

Best Way to Get Coupons

Read all 7 responses: "Hello Ladies, I am all about saving money this year and I am looking for ... Are there some good websites I can visit to get coupons? ...

Mother Seeking Good Coupon Websites

Does anyone out there know of any good coupon websites? ... Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share .... Saving Money in These Hard Times ...

Double Coupons

If you really want to be a pro using coupons check out - It's a FREE website with people just like you and me wanting to save money. ...

Coupons for Groceries

Be prepared that clipping coupons and saving money takes time, there is no quick fix to saving money at the grocery store. My first trip to the store after ...

Ideas for Saving Money, Budgeting and Meal Planning

Kills two birds with one stone, exercise and saving gas money. .... If you have the time and inclination, clipping coupons can save a tremendous amount. ...

Money Saving Tips

One of the easiest ways I have found to save money is to create a menu for each week. (If you are into coupons, then you can even use the Sunday paper to ...

Discount Coupons

Read all 4 responses: "Anyone know where I can get a discount coupon for ... One thing that I learned from another "money saving" chat board is to go to the ...
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  • publix doubles coupons up to 50 cents in 2 answers "I just read that Publix doubles coupons up to 50 cents, and takes competitors coupons."
  • kroger doubles coupons in 2 answers "... coupons up to 50 cents, and takes competitors coupons. Kroger doubles coupons ..."
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