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Updated on April 20, 2011
A.A. asks from Ionia, MI
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Hello Ladies,
I am all about saving money this year and I am looking for advice on different ways to save money, especially on everyday name brand groceries. I would love to here you suggestions. I live is a small town where most of my shopping is done at Meijer and Walmart. I have two children seven and four and a home daycare business. My grocery bill can get out of hand at times and I know that some of you out there know some great tricks on saving money. Are there some good websites I can visit to get coupons? What are your recommendations? Thanks for your help.

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answers from Detroit on

Check with your local stores...Find out THEIR policys. (how many double per item etc)
Our local krogers DOUBLES coupons including $1.- . Some don't.
Meijers usually doubles UPTO .50...
Walmart doesn't double anything but they do MATCH advertized prices. (Even local mom and pop stores, gas station stores, pharmacys etc.)If Walgreens is advertizing Milk at $1.79 a gal you can get that price at walmart by showing them the ad and getting the equivalent (store brand for store brand or same name brand and size) They don't do BOGO's and the price has to be listed on the flier...
Our Local VG's just recently started doubling coupons including $1.-.

Get the sunday paper and go thru the ads. If there are good ones spend the few dollars and buy a couple more papers.
Look at businesses you use. (dentists usually have coupons for toothbrushes that have no expiration.I got a whole stack of $1.- off 2 oral B toothbrushes and used them when Krogers had them on sale for $10.- for 10... So with doubling for every 2 toothbrushes I was getting I was paying nothing for them.)

I don't use the websites.

The stores usually stipulate that the coupon be scannable or they will not accept it. If your printer is running low they may not scan. That can throw a HUGE crimp on your grocery trip if most of your coupons don't scan...

Don't waste your time on the store bought organizers...Make your own.

I have an empty baby wipes container that I have envelopes in. Each envelope is a catergory. The specific products have their own. (Breakfast is split into General Mills, Post, Kelloggs, Quaker) It makes it easier to find your coupons without having to go thru ALL your coupons in that catergory.

Also, are you a licensed provider? If so are you enrolled with a food program? I am enrolled with Grand Rapids Urban League. (Yes, they have people based in this area) They reimburse you a portion of the cost of meals for the daycare kids and also depending on YOUR house holds income you may be able to claim some of YOUR children for certain meals.

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answers from Detroit on

There are SOOO many ways to save money out there -- I had no idea until I really started looking and have made huge strides in trimming my family's budget on pretty much everything. My two favorite semi-local websites are:

In the first, she's actually doing "31 tips in 31 days" right now which highlights info she teaches in her classes. Yes, she actually teaches amazing classes on how to save money!

The second is a favorite of mine because I also shop at Meijer. She does a great job of matching up the sales with coupons. Kind of a "Dummy's Guide to Shopping a Meijer." LOL

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answers from Detroit on

go to register yourself and stores you shop at. I used this but I already do what the lady does so to be charged 10 dollars every tree month i didn't feel it was worth keeping my subscription. Theres certain days she suggest you shop too. This is what I do. For one meijers sucks and walmart is next runner up. But if there the only two stores you go to and theres no Kroger. Than go to walmart only. Instead of buying kraft mac and cheese buy the value brand they taste the same. I am one who is for all name brands but some things i rather buy kroger brand. Butter value brand the marshmellows at walmart in value brand are softer than the name brand. This is what I do also I make a list of everything i need. than i go through coupon papaer up to six months old or older if you shop at kroger they except any expired coupons. Walmart not sure. But i look through all te coupons to see which ones i have name brand. Than when i go shopping I look to see is name brand on sale, which is cheaper name brand or value brand. Sometimes with kroger they have 10 for 10 if you buy 5 you get 5 for a buck with your kroger card or sometimes welches juice is on sale for 229 but than kroger is 249 so you go with the cheaper one. If you follow what I am saying and grocery you can save half to almost 3 / 4 or your normal bill. I only buy whats on my list and only what i have a coupon for or i buy the cheapest. Also there are value cereals out ther that you can pass off to the kids if you keep the name brand box and stick it in there they really don't know the difference. Good Luck

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answers from Detroit on

I use and red Walmart is definately cheaper than Meijer when it comes to grocieries. I've shopped at both and I can get about 30% more food if I shop at Walmart. But at Meijer they have a better and fresher selection of fruits and vegs and a larger meat selection. Meijer's got the meat counter too so you can get it sliced anyway you like. That's a money saver. Buy meat in bulk and then have Meijer slice it for you into steaks or whatever. Another way to save money is to buy off brand items. You can buy a box of Lucky Charms for about $4, or you can buy the big bag of cereal for about $3 and you get twice as much! One more thing that helped me was e-mealz. It's a weekly meal planning site and they even give you a grocery list and how much it will all cost. It saves me time and I know I've already got all the ingredients.



answers from Los Angeles on

The easiest way I know of to get coupons is to pick up the Sunday paper. Online coupons can be tricky since you are often required to download coupon printing software - I am wary of downloading these sorts of things. If there are manufacturers you always buy from, find their website and see if they have an option to submit your e-mail address so they can e-mail you discounts and coupons as they are made available.

I'm sure you've given this some thought, but there are lots of other areas to save in too. New ones are always cropping up thanks to the internet. Here's a website I stumbled on yesterday: It's works by user input and gives you the lowest gas prices in your area.



answers from Detroit on

I started to get serious with using coupons in the last few months after watching Good Morning America where a lady had purchased $267 worth of groceries and with all her coupons, she ended up paying only one penny for the entire order. I was amazed, so I now get the Sunday paper, clip out the coupons, and I've found some great savings on items such as toilet paper, paper towels, bath soaps, dish soaps, etc. at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. I had an order for $76 at Walgreens and with all my coupons, it ended up costing me $30--which I thought was a pretty good savings. I do believe that there is alot to learn about how to get the most for your money--some people have it down to a science. I also organize my coupons with a coupon organizer and watch the circulars. But, so far, my best deals have been with the drug stores.

Have fun saving money!




answers from Eau Claire on

I used to use newspaper coupons, but sometimes I forgot to look at the expiration date and I went to the store with a not working coupon. Now, I use online coupons, it`s easier and I found a great coupon site that has deals for many stores. It has a lot of coupons and they always work. I recommend it to you http:/
Hope this helps.



answers from Grand Rapids on
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