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Updated on March 31, 2011
M.A. asks from Detroit, MI
5 answers

Anyone know where I can get a discount coupon for Home Depot? Thanks!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I went to the post office last night after work to get the change of address packet. They do not have many coupons in them, but I do have a Lowes coupon that I will be using at home depot!!

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Hi my name is T. , I work for Home Depot in Harper Woods . One way you can get Home Depot coupons is to join the Garden club on Home Depot web site and you will recieve them or try and open an Home Depot charge card. Thank You.


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HI M.!
My husband works fo rhome depot, even employees dont get a discount. they do not print regular coupons. so if you find on, like in those moving packets, that s a GOOD thing!
However. you will All be happy to Know that you can get 5% back in CASH when you shop at MANY stores online. no rebates, nothing to fill in. nothing ot wait for or mail away to get.
all you do is set up a shopping account threw
and before you go to Any shopping web site, FIRST go threw Ebates! you will get a Percentage of your purchase right back in a check mailed to your house. I got $19.97 Last month for shopping at JcPennys for bathing suits that ended up going right back to the store! BUT,, I still casked My Ebates Check too! So that was Amazing!!
Please Put that I refered You!! They will give us BOTH $5 the first time you use it! use my email for that referral.
[email protected]
if you have questions, feel free to ask! I use it weekly! have gotten Hundreds of $$ back!



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If I am going to be making a large purchase I usually purchase a coupon for about $5.00 on EBAY Just type in 'home depot coupon' make sure you read the fine print and when the coupon expires I have done this many times



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One thing that I learned from another "money saving" chat board is to go to the Post Office. They have the packets to change your address right there on the tables. Inside the packet is a Lowes coupon for 10% off your total purchase. Home Depot will take a Lowes coupon.

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