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Financial Questioin

H.M. asks from Detroit

Like almost every other person out there my husband and I are in a financial bind. We have a ton of credit card debt. My husband wants me to cash out my IRA of whic...


Financial Choices.....I Need Some Savvy Mama's to Advise Me!

M.R. asks from Boston

I was laid off from my job at the beginning of this year and although I went on unemployment, the loss of income was so great that I had to make a choice to pay the u...


Does Anyone Know of an Agency or Realtor That Can Help with "Rent to Own" Homes?

E.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking to rent to own a home really soon. Me and my kiddo live in an apartment and I'm ready for a house, around Lewisville TX area. I don't have great credit a...


How Much Do You Pay per Month on Your Mortgage?

S.M. asks from Dallas

We are saving up to buy a house and are very close to our goal. I am just trying to get a ballpark figure of how much we would be paying per month on a $150,000.00 mo...


What Do People Usually Do?

Y.I. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in junior college and we are trying to plan for the junior and senior year at a regular college. What do people usually do to pay for college? She won...


In So Much Debt

C.P. asks from Memphis

I'm barely can make min. pymnt on my creditcard pymnt. I'm in soo much debt and don't know what to do. I am so depressed, anyone with any ideas that can help me get o...


Looking for 3 Bedroom House

A. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I was wondering where can we find a 3 bedroom house to rent or rent to own.We been living in an apartment since we moved out here from New Orleans after Hurr...


Jff: Funny Moments

K.P. asks from Seattle

So I just got a phone call from an unknown number, so I answered it and it was a man from a "Sweepstakes" company who told me that I was in the running for $25,000. T...


First Time Home Buyers, Saving up While Tithing, Stress

E.P. asks from San Antonio

My Husband and I are wanting to buy our first home. We Struggle with our finances as a team. There is so much that I would like to put into this, but this is as easy ...


How Do We Start over Financially

V.D. asks from Toledo

My husband and I lost our house about a year and half ago because of a seperation. The house loan was in my name and the deed was in both our names. We did accumalate...

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