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Anyone Used the Dave Ramsey Program

D.N. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are trying to get out of credit card debt. Any feedback on the Dave Ramsey methods? Did anyone buy the book or the computer programs? What is best...


I Should Know the Right Answer.. But...

R.B. asks from La Crosse

I guess I do know the right answer, just don't know what way would be the best to handle it. We have to give them both back but I don't know if its best to just ha...


Debt Relief Comments, Suggestions, Etc.

M.B. asks from Denver

Has anyone ever used a debt relief company to eliminate your debt? My husband and I are tired of not being able to pay down our mounting bills (about $25K) and think ...



K.P. asks from Charleston

A while ago, my husband knew what's going on with me but he didn't tell me more. I knew it because my son told me that my husband read all of my text I text to my son...


How Do You Deal with the Guilt?

C.C. asks from Houston

Don't know really how to say this...but here goes> we have a very close family...we all live in the same city except one niece lives in Nevada with her family. This ...


Could You Afford ($) #3?

J.M. asks from Boston

I saw an interesting Oprah with Octomom and Suze Orman the financial whiz was being pretty hard on her but she brought up an interesting point that if you have a high...


Can Anyone Help??

K.S. asks from Dallas

Okay, here goes. My husband and I have been renting a house for the last year and a half and are really wanting to try to buy because we're spending nearly $1,000 mo...


College education...who Pays? Parent or Student?

A.M. asks from Phoenix

I'm wondering how many of you M.'s out there feel that it is a parents obligation to pay for your children's college education? Do you feel that it is solely your re...



C.S. asks from New York

We are considering filing for Bankruptcy. We had a rough year in 2007. Now we have mounting bills. We ranked up quite the large electricity bill. The fees and interes...


Need to Refinance Home

K.B. asks from Tampa

I need help trying to find a good mortgage company that will help me refinance my home. my rate starts adjusting in October and i am not sure what my payments are goi...

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