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Underwater Mtg

S.S. asks from Seattle

We have a townhome with an underwater Mtg and well we would like to move on to buy a house due to schools. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if we can get a Loan off o...


Will It Be Possible for Us to Refinance with Another Lender?

A.W. asks from Austin

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to refinance a loan in which you are currently delinquent on? My husband and I got severely behind on our mortgage. We have tried...


18 Year Old Getting Too Much?

S.H. asks from Syracuse

I have an 18 year old who is currently going to college and working part time. He will be paying his college tuition via a student loan. My husband and I pay our sons...


Refinance Question

J.P. asks from Chicago

For those of you who have refinanced lately, how long did it take? How much time passed between the appraisal and the closing? We are going thru a broker, and it se...


Paying off Debt

J.E. asks from Boise

I am considering using a family financial planning company to help me get my credit card debt under control. I understand that they deal with the credit card compani...


Who Is Comfortable with Your Current Mortgage?

D.D. asks from Denver

Are you currently comfortable with the amount you pay to your mortgage company? I mean who really wants to pay for a mortgage but is it eating you out of house and ho...


I Ask This with Humility....

C.M. asks from Portland

Hello ladies, All of us can agree that times are tough for everyone everywhere. I need so off the cuff advice from someone not my grandma. My husband and I have al...


Family Fighting over Deceased Grandparents Home

K.B. asks from Binghamton

My grandparents passed away years ago and left their house to their 3 grown children, all of them married with children of their own. They kept the house and rented ...


Home Appraiser Coming Tomorrow, Help!

C.F. asks from Salt Lake City

We have a home appraiser coming tomorrow to do an appraisal on our home. We are trying to qualify for a home loan to build a fence around our yard. My questions is,...


Finance Issues/ Questions

L.D. asks from Phoenix

So my neighbor is crying to me for advice. So coming to u lady's. She saved $2000 for each of her children. But can't pay her bills. They are 11/14/17. She feels ...

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