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Baby Bottles?

A.C. asks from Springfield

I'm 33 weeks Prego and I plan on breast feeding, but just in case something goes wrong I'd like to have some bottles on hand. I have no idea what type of bottles to...


Keeping Bottles

J.O. asks from Norfolk

Hi there I just wanted to get a few opinions on keeping baby bottles. My son is 2 and finished with the bottles. I used the Nuk ones which helped with his reflux. ...


Best Bottles

R.B. asks from Raleigh

Dear All, I am pregnant with my 3rd & there are so many more options on the market. I used Avent bottles last round but hear that the Dr. Brown's and the Tommy ...


Glass Bottles

A.M. asks from Portland

Hi gang - wondering if anyone knows where to buy glass bottles in the PDX area - preferably in SE. My baby's been using Avent Natural bottles for her expressed bre...


Advice on Bottles

T.S. asks from Jackson

Hello all you Mom's out there! I'm due with my second baby in mid-May and I want to get new bottles since it's been more than 6 years since my first child. Since th...


Advice on Bottles!

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

I am expecting my first baby in August. I am trying to research bottles and am completely overwhelmed with the number of options! I plan to breastfeed, but want to ...


What Type of Bottles

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! Due with baby #3 in 4-5 weeks and need suggestions on what type of bottles to use. I loved using Ventaire by Playtex for the first two kids but I used them...


What Bottles Are Best?

B.H. asks from Johnstown

I have a 7 mth old who currently uses the Dr. Brown bottles but there are so many pieces to clean and I just don't feel like i can get the top of stem clean enough. ...


Bottles and Nipples???

T.S. asks from Lexington

hello all, I have a bit of an issue with bottles. Here is some back ground. My son is 3 mos old and started out a breastfed baby. About 2 wks ago I had to have durg...


Bottles That Don't Leak

E.S. asks from New York

hello moms, I used Avent bottles for my first baby, am now expecting my 2nd. Even with their "changes", I find the fact that they sometimes leak very, very, very ...

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