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Updated on January 03, 2008
T.S. asks from Lexington, KY
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hello all, I have a bit of an issue with bottles.
Here is some back ground. My son is 3 mos old and started out a breastfed baby. About 2 wks ago I had to have durgery. I pumped so He could have enough milk for the 24 hrs after surgery, like I was supposed to. However, even though he had been taking a bottle with breast milk for me weeks prior he suddenly refused on the day of surgery. He went about 5 hours without eating and finally we tried formula. He took that, however because he has reflux, terribly, the formula came right back up. ( he spit up a lot on the breast too, but it seemed to be getting better with time so no meds were needed). I called his doc for a recommendation and they gave me a sample of Enfamil A.R. lipil. It worked great, and until I could nurse again that is what he took. Now after the 24 hours of pumping and dumping for me, I went back to nursing. He took it fine, like he had never even missed it, but his reflux came back with a vengeance. He was spitting up and crying, arching his back and his spit up was coming out his nose and he couldn't breath. So I decided he was better off on the formula. He is doing great, but it is thickened with rice it is thick. I need to find a bottle and nipple that will accommodate this. Currently we are using playtex vent airs with the fast flow nipple. But they weren't big enough and kept getting clogged so I had to widen the hole a little. So, my question to you all is What bottles worked for you if you had to use a thickend formula.
I appreciate any response. Thanks so much.
Happy holidays

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone who replied. I went to Target and spent about 30 min looking at niples and comparing them. I ended up getting the Gerber nuk wide bottle. It works great. Now I don't have anymore clogged nipples and he is getting his food much easier now.
Thanks again.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I highly recommend Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles. They are perfect for kids with reflux issues, and they make a Y-cut nipple especially for thick liquids. They also have regular nipples. You can get them from Target or Babies R Us. But BRU tends to have the best selection of nipples. You can also get the wide neck bottles where the nipple simulates the breast. Dr. Brown's saved my life with my son because he had reflux, too. My daughter did not, but I loved them so much I just kept using them!


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My son had reflux too so we added cereal to his bottle at night. We just cut and X in the nipple.



answers from Louisville on

i use dr browns because i have to add rice cereal to my daughters bottles which i swore i would never do.... but any way dr browns have diff levels of nipples 1 2 3 and y i use the 3 for my daughter and her bottles but you may want to try a 2 first to make sure he doesnt get too much too fast good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

We have used Enfamil AR since we stopped feeding expressed breastmilk (which he spit up 12-15 times a day) and it helped significantly. We fed it to our son in the Dr. Brown's bottles and absolutely love them. They are more expensive and have more pieces to wash, but when you weigh that against spitting up and colic screaming, I'd pay more money and wash more dishes any day.



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All I can say is, I had a baby that had such horrible reflux we were at the hospital every week. I nursed him. He seemed to do better at the bottle. Playtex Nurser (the bags in the bottle) are my best friend. I tried all sorts of formula. Experimented on my child as that is all I could do. Solids at 3 months (I know, a scandal) was the best thing ever. He was more than ready. That was the highlight of his day. Target/Walmart brand was just as great. The nurser bottles are important. Ventair cause crazy spit up. Feed him solids (cereal mixed with formual counts). It may go against recomendation, but isn't it the same thing as adding rice to his bottle?



answers from Columbus on

I used playtex bottles that come with the liners and the triple hole nipples or the fast flowing nipples for the bottles. I found if I used a regular baby bottle the ones you don't have to have the liners for that I would have the same problem you are having with yours. Good luck.



answers from Cincinnati on

I had a neighbor who son spit up and it turned out, after several trips to the doctor and ER, that he had a problem with the connection between his stomach and small intestine. Have you and your doctor research that area? I have another friend whose son has to be on the rice starch formula because he spits up so much; she uses the Playtex Nurser System with the liners and the fast flow nipples. Good luck, J.

I was thinking about what I typed and thought that it might freak you out so let me add, the baby that had the connection problem had other symptoms that his doctor ignored like losing weight and not eliminating. So, if your baby does not have these and other issues that your doctor can tell you, there probably is no need to worry. Sorry if this was crazy sounding. J.



answers from Cincinnati on

advent love them and you can get the different size nipples or the one with 3 different flows



answers from Lexington on

We also use Enfamil AR with our son. He also has reflux. We have to buy the premixed formula because the powdered Enfamil AR is too thick and clumpy to go through any nipples we tried. When I compared the price of premixed and powdered formula it was just a few cents different. We use the ventaire bottles and the playtex drop ins. The same nipples fit in both and the stage 2 or fast flow just would not work with the powdered Enfamil AR.

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