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Vaccines and Travel

E.O. asks from Rochester

I've been traveling this summer with my infant. Due to the travel he has missed his two month check-up and vaccines with our regular pediatrician, though he has seen ...


Travel Info

C.N. asks from Dallas

Hello! My name is C.. I have a wonderful Mom who would like to go to Barbados on a family vacation. She is older and has been the best Mom, very sacrificial, ...


Travel Bed

A.M. asks from Cedar Rapids

I am traveling to visit my parents in Florida next month with my 10-month old daughter. I'm concerned about where to have her sleep each time we visit them. I don't...


Travel Anxiety

M.K. asks from Dallas

We will be getting on a plane with a 22 month old embarking on a 9 hour flight to the UK...........once we get there we will be with family but getting there is what ...


Travel with Little Kids

J.G. asks from Chicago

I am traveling Southwest next week with a two and a half year old (who has a seat) and a one year old (who doesn't have a seat). Any ideas how to keep them occupied ...


How Do You Travel with Your Kids?

N.J. asks from Minneapolis

okay, so we are thinking of going out of state, of course we would fly to our destination, but my question is if you are our you are not intending on renting a car, h...



J.B. asks from Dallas

Anybody flown from DFW recently with an infant? Did they ask you to take your baby through the millimeter wave machine, or did they screen you a different way? Also...



N.W. asks from Miami

Any advise on traveling with a 2yr old. It will either be a 2.5 hr flght,chnge planes with a1hr layover then another 2.5hr fly or a 5hr direct fly followed by a 90 m...


Travel to San Francisco with 4 SMALL Kids

A.G. asks from Salinas

Hi Everyone, We are a military family living in central California. My husband has a break in late June and we feel like we should venture north a bit and see San F...


Any Good Places to Travel with Kids?

N.J. asks from Chicago

Hello everyone! My husband and I are looking for a nice place to travel with the kids. We wanted to go to Sea World in Ohio - but it's closed! We have a 3 year old...

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