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Updated on March 09, 2008
A.M. asks from Cedar Rapids, IA
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I am traveling to visit my parents in Florida next month with my 10-month old daughter. I'm concerned about where to have her sleep each time we visit them. I don't want her to get in the habit of sleeping in bed with me, but I'm not sure what else to do with her. I've researched travel beds and found the Peapod Plus, but it is expensive and I'm not sure I even need the tent-like part. I think just a firm mat with sides would be perfect, but I can't seem to find one that is okay for infants. I don't want to only get one or two uses out of it, so I'd love to get ideas on something that will last us through several years worth of visits to Grandma's. Anyone out there found or rigged up something that worked well? Thanks for your help!

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We just use our pack n play every time we travel. You get it as cheap at $25 for the basic version, or even check out consignment shops or ask a friend. The fold up very compact and aren't that heavy.
Have fun visiting your parents :-)

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I have a few suggestions for the travel bed. At Once Upon A Child (in the Town & Country Mall, CR), they have sometimes pack n' plays or pack n' play mattresses. Maybe get a cheap portable crib from Walmart or maybe see if you could borrow one from someone for a bit. Even if you get one from a consignment store (ie Stuff, Unce Upon A Child) to use for just a short time, you may be able to get it real cheap and then take it back to that store when you're finished with it, or take it to a different store.
Also, you could see if someone had one for sale on (check locally on baby+kids stuff).
Or, go to and check out the inflatable Travel Bed (yes,i know it says ages 2 and up, but could it hurt if she was right next to you?).
Anyways, hope that helps some! Good Luck! And have fun in Florida!!

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We took our 5 month DD to Puerto Rico and then Florida, we took a cheap Cosco ($39 at Wal-Mart) Play Yard. It worked great! She slept like she does at home in her own crib. I already had a play yard sheet that I also used. Your DD is probably crawling and standing up already so the play yard would keep her in and safe. Also so you know the Cosco play yard is super easy to set and to carry.
Have fun at Grandma's!

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Do you have a pack-n-play, you should be able to check it with your luggage and it would be a great place for short term sleeping. I use one when I visit my mom and they are great. Hope this helps, maybe even grandma would wnt to have one at her place so that you wouldn't have to take it on a plane with you.

H. (stay home momy to 3 1/2 girl, 17 month girl and new baby 6 weeks)

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