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Young Marriage

P.W. asks from San Francisco

Anybody have any good long-term experiences with marrying young? Anyone get married at 22 with limited experience and still together decades later? No mid-life cri...



I.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas, My husband and I were talking about our friends (the husband is his colleague) and how they seem to do a lot but are scraping by. They have no debt (or so...


Picking a Job!?

M.M. asks from Eau Claire

Hello Ladies! My husband just got a job on the pipeline and moved out of state for it. My 2girls and I are at home and I currently work 2 jobs. I don't really need t...


Desperately Need Advice on How to Deal with My 18 Year Old Son.

M.E. asks from Philadelphia

Hello. I am new to the site so please bare with me. I have a situation with my son I was hoping to get some advice. Me and my son have been so close, he was always ...


Young Separated Dad Wants to Know: What Can I Do to Support My Kid's Mother

M.S. asks from Huntington

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was 19 and dating this woman who was 27. She was really lovely but just as our relationship was winding down and I was beginnin...


SIL And BIL Nightmare!

M.H. asks from New York

Okay, here we go. My SIL & BIL live on the second floor of a house we share and that was given to us by my husband’s parents. Because of the economy my BIL lost his ...


Weight Loss

T.R. asks from Dallas

When I got pregnant with my first child I gained 100 lbs. After he was born (almost 13 yrs ago) I have never gained or lost more than a few lbs, even with my other pre...


Credit HELP!!!!

M.H. asks from Lima

Hello :) My husband & I have been working VERY hard to get his credit straight to buy a house. We've been working on this for TWO YEARS. We called a loan officer today...


Starting a Real Estate Career?

L.R. asks from Portland

I'm hoping to hear from some real estate mamas (or dadas) about whether I'm crazy to be thinking about starting a career in real estate in this down market. I've be...


Wfeeling like I've Failed My Kids by Doing Too Much for Them...

M.A. asks from Lubbock

After reading Patricia G.'s Q&A about what a typical 7 year old can do for themselves, I feel like a total failure. My kids are 16 and 14 and can't/don't do half of w...

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