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Where Can You Adopt Pets in the Dfw Area?

Years ago, we adopted our dog from a rescue group that had an adoption fair at petco. I can't remember the exact name but it was something like angel rescue ...

I Just Want a Dog!!

My husband and I want a dog, we have contacted several rescue agencies to no ... Utopia Dog Rescue! Kinky Friedman, a woman named Nancy and her husband Tony ...

Looking for a Good Small Dog......

We have two cats, a goldfish, and we JUST added a beautiful almost two year old dog that is part Corgi (and retriever). She was a rescue dog, ...

Dog Snapped, What to Do??

We were devastated-- we do dog rescue and are SO SICK of parents who dump their dogs on other people when babies come. So, we had to choose between putting ...

Once House Broken Dog Needs Retraining After Move

We'd give the rescue dog run of the kitchen next (using babygates to gate off that area). If she's really reliable there, then you can give her another room ...

Should I (We) Get a Dog?

Have you checked the dog shelter or a dog rescue site. There are so many dogs that need to be adopted and sometimes mixed breads can make the best house ...

Looking to Adopt a Puppy/dog

I do dog fostering/rescue in Longmont. I can't say enough good things about Longmont Humane. :). I think you should consider first, what type of dog you are ...

Dog Boarding near Redford

Dog Boarding near Redford. I am looking for a place to board my schnauzer next weekend while im out of town. I recently adopted him froma rescue, ...

Suggestions for a Great Family Dog

Read all 8 responses: "We are thinking about getting a dog for the family. ... There is a very active boxer rescue association in Abq that would probably ...

My Dog Bit Another Child

I've been involved in dog training/rescue since 1996 and the only way a family would take him is if you do not disclose the fact that he bit a child. ...
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  • from the humane society in 2 answers "Getting a dog from the humane society, in my opinion, with small children, is not ..."
  • border collies in 3 answers "... decide to get another dog, do not get a chow or a border collie. Border collies ..."
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