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Updated on July 13, 2009
C.K. asks from Erie, CO
6 answers

We've decided it's time to add to our family and want to adopt a puppy or older dog from a local shelter. Has anyone had any pet adoption experience (good, bad or otherwise) with either the Longmont Humane Society and/or the Boulder Valley Humane Society? Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

We adopted our dog Wiley from the Boulder Valley Humane Society. He was a clearance puppy - adopted once already and brought back, due to aggression. Every experience we had with Boulder Valley was excellent. They are his regular vet-care and have done great with him. It was definitely a positive experience for our family.



answers from Denver on

Hi C.! We adopted our Beagle about 4 years ago from the Longmont Humane Society. They were great and allowed for us to walk him outside by the Boulder Fairgrounds. They just so happened to teaching a dog behavior class there so he got to sniff around at all the other dogs and we really got to see his sweet little temperment. We knew he was the right dog for our family but still wanted my husband to meet with him to make sure. Adoption fee was very reasonable and they even sent us home with medication for his kennel cough. (very common in shelters but easily cured)

I would suggest you do a little research to decide which breed is best suited to your lifestyle, ie. you may want a mellow dog to lay with you or one who likes to run around. There is a actually a dog breed for dummies at the library we found to help us.

Once I figured out the breed we wanted I then would search on PetHarbor.com for local shelters that were a match. We did not want to have to train a puppy so we just looked for adult dogs (makes training a LOT easier) plus you get to see there temperment better. Just keep in mind certain breeds and puppies go pretty fast so if you see one you like it's best to act right away. Good Luck on finding your forever furry pal.



answers from Denver on

Hi C.,
I have adopted from both and have had good experiences. Here are some of the differences that you might want to consider:
* Timing - the animals tend to be in the shelter a little longer in Longmont so if you're lucky you have a little more time to consider your choices. Boulder dogs seem to get adopted faster. I would suggest usally a "hold" ($10 in Boulder) if you find a dog you like but want a day to think about it (a good idea).
* Getting acquainted - You can meet and greet dogs in both locations in an enclosed pen but Longmont has an outside pen area too. So you get to see just a little of the dog's behavior outside (can be eye-opening).
* Cost - Boulder use to be a little more expensive but I am not sure if that is still the case.
Good luck



answers from Denver on

Hi C.,

I do dog fostering/rescue in Longmont. I can't say enough good things about Longmont Humane. :)

I think you should consider first, what type of dog you are interested in. Big, little, mutt (my personal fav. besides Beagles) etc. There are so many breed specific rescues in our area. I know the folks at the Beagle rescue. Additionally, some breeds require more exercise than others (Bully breeds, Jack Russel Terriers, etc.)

Check out petfinder.com too. It's a GREAT resource.

If you are busy, work full time, etc. I would recommend older dogs. Puppies get adopted so fast, and honestly, they are a pain in the butt to housetrain. They eat everything (pillows, toys, stuffed animals, etc.) My beagle whom I got as a pup ate numerous dog beds, pillows, shoes (my favorites too) and just need so much exercise to stay out of trouble(1-2 hours a day). If you aren't that active consider an older dog.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

We've adopted from both and had a great experience with each. I do recommend an older dog (just not a puppy) for younger kids.



answers from Denver on

Both are fantastic. Find a companion you click with.

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