Looking for a Good Small Dog......

Updated on March 30, 2008
J.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
5 answers

I was wondering if anybody could tell me about a good small breed of dog. I have a son who is three and a fairly gentle kid especially for being three. I was thinking about a corgi but I don't know how they are with children. Any advice is appreciated. TIA.

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I don't know if you heard of the big bust on the elderly breeders that were hoarding dogs and birds. Check out the humane society because they seized like 600 puppies/birds/dogs just a couple weeks ago and the dogs were all small breeds. I can't help you on the type of breed because I have 2 huge dogs. My friend had a terrier type of dog and he was so loyal and gentle.



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Hi J.!

We have a nearly eight year old daughter and a four year old daughter. We have two cats, a goldfish, and we JUST added a beautiful almost two year old dog that is part Corgi (and retriever). She was a rescue dog, and already house broken (which is a plus if you think about it).

She has turned out to be an absolute angelic dog. Wonderful with the children, great with the cats, barks only when she needs to. She's great.




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Corgi's as a breed can be aggressive toward other dogs... not sure if you have other pets, however you can get more information about the individual breeds from terrificpets.com/dog_breeds or from the humane society hssaz.org, they ask you questions and help match you to an abandoned pet that would love to be part of your family. Hope this helps... A.

PS- The pets from the humane society's bust have all been adopted... most were not socialized enough to be safe around children.



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We recently went through the same decision. After doing a little research and just asking around we decided on a minature daushund. The next decision was whether to get one from a rescue or buy a puppy. We opted for the puppy. The reason we decided on a puppy was because we have a 22 month old and we didnt know how an older dog would respond to her and vice versa. This way they can get use to each other and essentially grow up with each other. We have had Buster for about a month and it was a great decision. He is sweet and loving and was a perfect match for my toddler. They spend all day chasing each other around. They nap together and everything. He also gets along great with our other dog who is 7 years old. I hope this helps.



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Hi there!

My parents have a Chiuhahua/poodle mix who's wonderful with my 2-year old.

I also grew up with Shih tzus, and they are (in my opinion) the sweetest little dogs ever! They were totally great with us. A little ugly when they're not puppies, but their personality makes them adorable when they're yours (LOL!)

Even though I don't normally recommend buying a puppy because of housetraining, chewing, etc, I WOULD recommend buying a puppy if you have little ones. The puppy grows up used to having kids around. It's harder to introduce an adult dog to a new crowd, especially kids.


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