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Crib Bumpers

K.M. asks from Philadelphia

I have heard that you are supposed to remove the bumber within your child's crib when they are 5 months old. My baby is now 9 months old and I recently removed the b...


When to Switch Baby from Cradle to Crib???

L.M. asks from Dallas

My three month old baby has been sleeping in a cradle in our bedroom since he was born. He is a great sleeper. He isn't fussy. He goes to sleep as soon as we lay h...


Is It Safe to Paint a Baby Crib

M.D. asks from Houston

I am due in January and have two cribs from my first two. One will go to my moms and I was wanting to use the other one for our new baby girl. I would like to coord...


Need Crib

E.L. asks from Memphis

I was wondering if anyone has a baby crib (preferably white) that is in good condition that they would like to sell. We got rid of all our baby furniture last summer ...


Crib Tents

J.K. asks from Chicago

Our 14 month fell out of her crib yesterday and thankfully she is not hurt...just scared herself and us!!! I was thinking about getting a crib tent versus putting her...


Crib Bumpers or No Crib Bumpers???

S.B. asks from Seattle

Simply put, I am curious what you all think of the new reports advising us to not put crib bumpers in our baby's cribs?? My nanny said she saw on the Todays Show or ...


When Should My Baby Sleep in His Crib??

K.C. asks from Tampa

Hi, moms! I have a 4 month old son who up until now has been sleeping great in his swing. He takes 1-2 hour naps in them 3 times a day and also will sleep through the...


How to Get a Baby to Sleep in Her Crib?

M.L. asks from Allentown

I have an eight-week-old baby girl who hates being put down. She wants to be held all the time, when she's awake and asleep. After she falls asleep we put her in her ...


Crib Bumpers?

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

I keep reading crib bumpers aren't safe for babies, but our five month old is moving all around her crib and her arms and legs often dangle outside the crib. What ha...


Crib Tent?

S.B. asks from Dallas

Hi there! I am just wondering if anyone out there has tried a crib tent. Our 17 month old has climbed out of her crib on it's lowest setting and we are reluctant ...

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Answer Highlights

  • lowered the crib to the lowest setting in 2 answers "We also lowered the crib to the lowest setting to prevent climbing/falling out."
  • love our crib tent in 2 answers "Hi! I love our crib tent!! I started using a crib tent on my son's crib when he was ..."
  • climb out of his crib in 3 answers "No bumpers, your son could use them to climb out of his crib."
  • unzip it from the inside in 2 answers "... our second daughter actually figured out how to unzip it from the inside ..."
  • breathable bumpers in 3 answers "... in the crib and chewing on the bar :-) Anyway, we have the "Breathable Bumpers""