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Updated on February 28, 2011
M.C. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I keep reading crib bumpers aren't safe for babies, but our five month old is moving all around her crib and her arms and legs often dangle outside the crib. What have other parents done in this situation? It makes me nervous she'll get stuck or hurt herself as she becomes more mobile. Thanks!

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Thank you everyone!!! I'm getting the breathable bumpers tonight.

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answers from New York on

I've read the same thing - that bumpers are unsafe. For the same reason you mentioned (arms legs sticking out of crib) I have always used a crib bumper w/o any problems. As soon as baby can sit up/stand up, I take it out so they don't use it as a launch pad to jump out of crib!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Just because other people choose to use them in spite of the warnings doesn't make it safe. A baby can strangle in a bumper and die. Wouldn't you really rather she just sticks an arm or leg out occasionally?

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answers from St. Louis on

I have read a lot of information on crib bumpers, and I would simply rather be safe than sorry. We don't use them. If an arm or leg gets stuck to the point of pain, I know my little guy would start crying and I could help almost immediately, or I would see it on the monitor. If he is suffocating, not so much.

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answers from Sherman on

I used a crib bumper with all 3 of my children. The bumper stayed in until we moved them out of the crib



answers from Gainesville on

Yep, Breathable Bumpers will solve the problem! My daughter did the same thing. She kept getting stuck and it would wake her. The breathable bumpers are great. No strings-they velcro around the crib, baby can't stand on them to climb over the crib since they smoosh down too far with pressure and baby can breathe thru them if they get close to them.



answers from Minneapolis on

Like Amanda mentioned....breathable bumpers. They are sold at Babies for around $30. The one I bought came in two pieces that would go all the way around the crib. I only needed one for my 4 in 1 crib because the back of the crib is solid. I interwrapped the bumper between the slats (everyother) and it velcro'd to itself on the ends. I do have about 2 slats on each end that aren't wrapped....but no biggie. Gives her a peep hole.



answers from Los Angeles on

I bought breatheable bumpers for my son's crib. They have holes in them so if your baby's face is against the bumper, she can still breath. You can purchase it at Babies R Us.


answers from Chicago on

Use breathable bumpers- they sell them online or at all the big retailers like Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. They are great -- we still use them with our converted toddlers beds so the toys don't fall out the back all the time :) ha! My son has had his in his bed since birth (he is almost 2.5 yo) and they collapse if the kids try to climb on them.



answers from Los Angeles on

mesh bumpers! i didn't even know about them until recently when i had to get rid of normal bumpers for allergy reasons. they're awesome :) i got mine at babies r us.



answers from Las Vegas on

I got a breathable Bumpber when my son was born. this is the coolest thing cause you can wrap it around the entire crib and you can still see through it. they sell them At Babies R us and walmart and Target. I think they are around $15.00 to $20.00 They are the best thing ever you should really check it out. Hope this has helped... Have a great day.


answers from Dallas on

we bought a breatheable bumper on amazon. It works okay but my DD is long legged and manages to get her leg above the bumper and through the slat anyway. I'm sure it would be worse without the bumper.

When you install the bumper you can go to youtube and type in breatheable bumper for step by step instructions. It made it so much easier for me.



answers from Las Vegas on

You can get a crib tent. The sides are mesh so they can not get their limbs stuck in the rungs of the crib. It worked great for us, although if you have a sleigh style crib, you will have to rig it a bit to fit.



answers from Washington DC on

Breatheable bumpers. They fit our 4-in-1 crib just fine, and she stayed in but didn't get caught up in them or launch herself standing on them.



answers from Los Angeles on

We also opted to use a breatheable bumper. I can't even imagine ignoring the warnings about the increased risk of suffocation and SIDS from regular bumpers. I also hear regular bumpers are banned in Canada. The CPSC is investigating infant deaths tied to crib bumpers:

The person who says they frequently check on their child that sleeps with a regular bumper -- suffocation and SIDS are silent, and brain damage or death from oxygen deprivation only takes moments. You can't possibly check on your child frequently enough to prevent it.



answers from San Francisco on

We have bumpers. Had them with the first, now 3 yo. And our 1 yo has them. He's a mover and I've always been concerned with getting foot/arm stuck and broke.



answers from New York on

We used a bumper b/c my son has always liked to sleep wedged at the very top of his crib. We just made sure that it was pulled very tight each time we put him in and checked on him regularly.


answers from St. Louis on

I used bumpers with all of mine. My 7 month old still has them in the crib. He loves to sleep with his face smashed in the corner of the crib and one arm hanging over with the butt up in the air.

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