cloudy urine

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Dark Urine in Toddler?

B.E. asks from Jacksonville

My 2 year old daughter is sick with what I suspect is a sinus infection. We could not get an appointment with her pediatrician until Monday. The ER and urgent care do...


5 Year Old Bad Urine Smell, No Infection

T.S. asks from Richmond

My five year old daughter's urine always has a strong smell and generally looks cloudy. I had her checked recently for an infection when she had her Well Checkup and ...


3 Year Old with Milky Urine

H.M. asks from Fort Smith

This evening my 3 year old who normally sits to pee decided to stand....I was standing right there to make sure he didn't fall or make a mess when I noticed that when...


What Can Cause Strong/foul Smelling Urine in a 2 Yr Old?

S.A. asks from Chicago

I just went to change my 2 yr old's diaper and I could smell him from across the room. It smelled so bad that I thought my cat had peed in the living room. His urin...


Has Anyone's Child Had the Following Symptoms...

M.M. asks from Chicago

Cloudy urine and bad mouth odor? My 3 yr old has had this for a while and I am not sure how concerned I should be. She also has really dry skin (patches of very dry...


5Year Old UTI or Normal. Help Needed.

J.P. asks from New York

Ok so dd hasn't complain about itching,burning or discomfort down there. But I have notice her pee at timed is cloudy(although she doesn't drink as much water as befo...


Seeking Moms Who Have Teenage Boys with Pain in Groin Area

E.B. asks from San Antonio

My 14 year old son, who does competitive swimming and very active at school,woke up on Thursday morning just fine, then about 1/2 hr later complained about a sharp pa...


3 Year Old Has Rash, Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

A.B. asks from State College

My 3 year old daughter has a red, bumpy rash on the outside of her genitals and inner thigh area. She is already potty trained. She doesn't sit in soap in the tub. I ...


Period 2Wks Late and Now Have Heavy, Dark, Almost Black Bleeding

C.T. asks from San Luis Obispo

My period was 2 weeks late. I took two pregnancy tests and they were both negative. Last night I used the restroom and there was a single pinkish cloudy clot. I didn'...


Need Help! on Vacation W/ 3 1/2 Year Old Girl Says Bath Hurts Her Vagina.

T.C. asks from Austin

Im on vacation in FL with the fam and my 3 1/2 year old won't take a bath. Two nights in a row now I've tried to bathe her and she screams that the water hurts her p...

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