3 Year Old with Milky Urine

Updated on April 28, 2011
H.M. asks from Hartman, AR
8 answers

This evening my 3 year old who normally sits to pee decided to stand....I was standing right there to make sure he didn't fall or make a mess when I noticed that when he first started peeing, it was white, almost milky looking. The more he peed the more regular it looked and when he was done, the water was yellow like he peed normal. My question is: Is this normal? I would think that an infection would bother him. I thought maybe some bath soap or lotion got in there, but I don't know! Anyone else ever noticed this in their toddlers urine? What could be a source for this? I am going to keep a close watch and if not cleared up, go to the pediatrician Monday....thanks!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Cloudy urine usually indicates a urinary tract infection. You can give him some cranberry juice (not coctail, which contains almost no cranberry). It is a duretic and will help flush him out, but make sure to give him plenty of water. Also check out this website on yeast infections and see what they have to say :}




answers from New Orleans on

His urine is too concentrated and he needs more water!



answers from Shreveport on

Get your little miracle to a doctor.



answers from Rockford on

my son has the same problem but only with morning urination. with no pain fever or anything out of the ordinary. went to several doctors had UA's done and still no real answer. i work for nephrologists(kidney doc's) and they are going to run some tests for me. because it is not any sort of infection it could be simple as very concentrated urine with harmless bladder secretions that pose no potential harm. or i was told it could als be caused from diebtes or some kidney related illness. will update when i know more hope it helps u are not alone!



answers from Shreveport on

White as in clear? OR white as in cloudy? Clear is normal, cloudy is not. The lighter in color the urine means the more hydrated the child (and same for you). Cloudy could mean infection. Best of luck and congratulations on your two miracles. We also had to do infertility treatments to have our two beautiful boys! Aren't they the best!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I would go and have him checked for yeast infection. My sister works for urologist clicic she says it is not normal and to have him checked.



answers from Philadelphia on

The same exact thing happened to my 3 year old son on several occasions. He has never complained of any pain, he just peed like usual and it started out milky and the more he peed the urine went back to normal. I noticed this a few times and it seems like this happens when he hasn't peed in a while, like first thing in the morning. Next time he goes to the doctor for a check up I will ask to see what the doctor thinks it is. And my son drinks plenty of fluids, his pee is never a dark yellow.



answers from Lawton on

I think as long as the urine isn't deep yellow you are fine (that means dehydration. But if you are concerned go to the doctor =)

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