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What Questions to Ask Child Care Providers

For school aged children, does the Provider prefer the children stay home or can they play at other kids' homes (the Provider must first receive your ...

My Neighboor Is Not Disciplining Her Violent Child.

First, I would not allow my child to play with another child that is violent and apparently has no rules or consequences. If they do continue to play ...

Climbing Out of Pack N Play

Read all 10 responses: "My 2 yo started climbing out of her pack 'n play on ... Explain to the grandparents that she is a curious child and that you need to ...

Looking for Indoor Play Areas or Indoor Activities to Burn off Kid Energy

I am looking for something for my children to do on a rainy day. They have so much energy and they really need a place to run, jump, spin and just play. ...

Play Dates

My child is now 3 and entering into the phase where she is being invited to her friends house for play dates. How does this work exactly? ...

Handling Continuous Play Date Cancellers

Oct 23, 2009 ... These are individual play dates with one family. In other..." ... You'll come get their child if they are unable to make it. ...

Help My Child Is So Mean.......

Do they gently lead up to it? Play soothing music? For instance, lullabyes during nap time to help calm the children and ready them for sleep? ...

Cleaning / Deodorizing Pack N Play

Once I lent my pack n play to a friend and she had it for about 2 weeks and when ... You could consider going green in your home now that you have a child. ...

Playdate Etiquette

Oct 29, 2009 ... If there were something I really did not want another child to play with, I would remove it from the room before the play date. Have fun! ...

I Had My 1St Child in My Early 40'S and Now I'm Considering Having a 2Nd One.

I am an only child and I had my one and only when I was 40. Dont worry about having a sibling for your child to play with As a child I made lots of close ...
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  • baking soda in 4 answers "I agree with M S. Baking soda absolutely."
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  • win win in 2 answers "It was a win win because my friends got a break from their siblings and I had a companion."