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Rice Cereal

I.H. asks from New York

I gave rice cereal to my 4 month old for the first time today at around 11am. By the time his third nap came (around 3pm), he could not nap. He was screaming and cryi...


Cereal in the Bottle

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 4 1/2 month old and I want to start giving her cereal. She has been waking up in the middle of the night and the nuk isn't doing the job so much anymore. S...


Rice Cereal

H.G. asks from Dallas

At my son's four month visit, the dr. said to go ahead and start rice cereal. I have been trying to get my son to eat it, but he keeps spitting it out. I feed him t...


Nursing and Cereal

J.T. asks from Fayetteville

My 9 wk old was just diagnosed with reflux. the dr said to put an ounce of cereal into a bottle for every ounce of milk he is drinking. i realllyyy don't want to give...


When to Start Cereal?

E.W. asks from Tulsa

My baby is going to be 8wks old next week and I was wondering when other Mom's started feeding cereal. I have talked to the doctor and they have said that they want h...


Rice Cereal

K.L. asks from Denver

My 5 month old doesn't like rice cereal. Any suggestions? He makes a face and spits it out. I mix it with formula because I don't pump enough breastmilk to use for ce...


When to start mixing infant cereal in with formula?

A.B. asks from Tulsa

I'm just wondering if anyone knows when you can start mixing infant cereal in with formula. My daughter is eating 4 oz every 2 hrs and we are wanting to try cereal to...


How Do I Start Cereal?

E.T. asks from Kansas City

my son is almost 6 months old (next week). i'd like to start rice cereal. how much do i start with? how many times a day to start? when and how much to increase by? w...


When to Start Cereal??

J.E. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a very healthy 20lb baby boy who will be 4 months old in two weeks. He is soley breastfed. Should I start him on rice cereal 1 time a day right now. He slee...


When Did You Start Cereal?

C.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 4 months old and is currently eating between 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours. She appears to be hungry earlier, but won't take more formula. It seems as tho...

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