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6Mnth Started Solids, How Much Breastmilk?

I give him breastmilk now 4 times a day. I breastfeed..." ... "cluster feedings" at night once we started the cereal and now nurses and goes to bed about an ...

Cereal for a 4 Month Old?

I didn't want to give anything but breast milk for the 1st 6 months. So my new plan is to give cereal before bedtime to get him to sleep longer and pump ...

Storing Breastmilk

Next question: Cereal? ... Is Stored Breastmilk Supposed to Be This Stinky? ... Thawing and Using Frozen Breastmilk...and Other Frantic Questions! ...

My Little Girl HATES Rice Cereal!

I had decided to go back to just breast milk at the time. Well now that she is over 6 months I tried the rice cereal again to get her on some solids. ...

Breastfed Baby Wanting to Start Cereal

Nov 10, 2009 ... Start with rice cereal--1 tablespoon mixed with breast milk. ... If you choose to use cereal, breast milk is the best for mixing. ...

Mixing Breast Milk with Formula

The protiens in breast milk are much more easily digested than the longer protiens in ... I did bottles and pumped and alternated breast milk and formula. ...

Flonase or Nasonex and Breastfeeding....

They did remind me to drink plenty of fluids to keep my milk supply up since these meds can sometimes cause breastmilk to dry up. I plan to try the Claritin ...

How Quickly Does My Body Make Breast Milk?

How long does it take my body to replenish breast milk after my baby nurses? Sometimes I have to pump during the night if I start to get engorged and my ...

Stored Breastmilk

I am curious as to how long I can keep frozen breastmilk. ... I weaned with it, I added it to cereal, I mixed it with cow milk etc.... for extra nutrients ...

Baby Refuses Formula... Need Suggestions/alternatives to Breast Milk

Is there formula out there that may taste more similar to breast milk? ... this would be a good time to start a little runny rice cereal with your milk? ...
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  • his primary source of nutrition in 2 answers "In the first year, milk is his primary source of nutrition, solids are just for tasting ..."
  • increase your milk supply in 2 answers "... that you make sure you are doing everything you can to increase your milk supply ..."
  • hated rice cereal in 2 answers "My daughter is just over 6 months. She hated rice cereal from the get go."
  • increase your supply in 3 answers "To increase your supply further I would suggest pumping out a couple of ounces after ..."
  • 6 months to start solids in 2 answers "... i have been told that breastfed babies should wait till 6 months to start solids ..."