breast milk and cereal

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Rice Cereal

L.S. asks from New York

Hey All U Mommies, my daughters pediatrician suggested starting rice cereal for my 4mo old. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to prepare. I've read where some put i...


When to Start Cereal?

K.S. asks from Boston

My son is 7 weeks old and my fiance Tim wants to start feeding him cereal once before bed time. His parents said it was ust fine but mine tell me to wait. The doctors...


Adding Cereal

D.W. asks from Houston

My son is 6 weeks. He is eating abt 4oz 6/daily. However he acts like he is always starving. A lot of older moms keep telling me to add cereal. Is this safe? What do...


Introducing Cereal

J.S. asks from Cleveland

I have a 5 month old son whose digestive habits have recently changed dramatically. At about 2 months old he went from the newborn pooping of every few hours to just ...


Starting Cereal

S.M. asks from El Paso

I just moved so I dont have a new dr. out here yet, the baby book Im reading isnt very clear, and the box doesnt my questions are...once I start my baby on r...


Starting Cereal

R.P. asks from Seattle

My daughter is 5months 2 weeks. She has been sitting up for about a month by herself. She seems very interested in what we eat and does grab for it. I want to star...


Rice Cereal

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Hey ladies, here is another question. My son is 6 months old tomorrow. I was wanting to mix just a little rice cereal into his last bottle of the night. I would like ...


Intorducting Cereal

T.C. asks from Tampa

When would be the best time to introduce cereal? My 2 month old is eating around 4-6oz of formula about every 2 hours during the day. At night he eats every 4-6 hours...


When to Start Cereal

K.C. asks from Texarkana

Hello everyone , quick question my son is almost 4 months old, was wondering when i should start cereal, he isn't a good eater he is still only taking 4 ozs at a time...


Cereal in Formula

M.M. asks from Boston

My son is now a little over 3 months. He spits up a ton and it is often very chunky. The Dr says he has acid reflux. We have tried zantac and prevacid. We also ha...

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