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How to Get My 18Month Old Boy to Drink Milk (Still Breasfeeding)

(he eats everything solids) Since January i started to mix breastmilk with whole milk (some cereal/oatmeal added) in his bottles during the day (at the ...

Making the Switch from Breastmilk to Formula While Teething!

When I made the switch from breastmilk to formula my daughter didn't like the formula either. We put a little bit of rice cereal in her bottle with the ...

Milk Allergy and Breast Feeding

Mix it with breast milk. I feed her rice cereal every morning and i put the ailmentum in it because i hate to pump. She has started to wean a little and i ...

8 Month Old Won't Eat Anything Solid

He never would eat baby food from a jar or made in a food processor and rarely would even eat cereal even when I mixed it with my breast milk. Helpful? ...

Sample Menu for 7 Month Old

At 7 mos, my lil' guy was waking up to breastmilk. Then about an hour later, he would have pureed fruits (banana, apple, pear...)with oatmeal cereal. ...

7 Month Old Refuses Formula - Running Out of Stored Milk!

Oct 21, 2009 ... I never added formula to the cereal, although sometimes I would mix it with warmed breast milk. I think I used warm water often, too. ...

Breast Feeding and Milk Supply

HOw can i get my milk supply up b/c i don't want to give her formula yet. I just started giving her rice cereal w/ the breast milk for her bed time feeding ...

Newborn Throwing up Milk Thru Nose

Her Ped. still does not want me to give her any cereal or other foods yet ( breast milk Only) If I can help anymore please let me know. Helpful? ...

How Early Is Too Early to Feed a Little Rice Cereal in the Bottle?

NEVER feed rice cereal from a bottle. Introduce rice cereal at 6 months at the earliest (they actually don't need any food at all besides breast milk or ...

Introducting Solids to 4 Month Old

My daughter's pediatrician recommended breast-milk (or formula) only until 4 months, and then only small amounts of cereal. Most experts say babies don't ...
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