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Constant Dizziness

I have low blood pressure and she said it makes it worse for me than someone who ... I had my mother in law check my blood pressure again and it was 80/58. ...


I had a problem with high blood pressure at the end of my first ... I went my whole pregnancy with perfect blood pressure and the last month it went crazy. ...


I just took my blood pressure with my father's monitor and it came up as 140/76 with a pulse of 92 after I had been laying on my left side for almost 2 ...

Dizziness While Pregnant

Suddenly the dizziness increased and blood pressure shot up. ... But it was also when I was in for a normal checkup and my blood pressure is good. ...

Breastfeeding Mom Experiencing Dizziness Since Delivery

I've always had very low blood pressure (the other day my doctor freaked out when he .... I Am Pregnant, Cold All the Time and Have Low Blood Pressure ...

Low Platelets and Factor v Leiden in Pregnancy

I had the perfect pregncy until the last 3 months i was on bed rest and my blood pressure shot through the roof. The doctors didnt really tell me much about ...

High Risk Pregnancy over 35- Northside or Kennestone Hosp? Doctors?

I was a high risk patient, had 2 previous miscarriages, high blood pressure issues at the end - put to bed at 30 weeks. My blood pressure caused my water to ...

Cord Blood

Read all 25 responses: "Is anyone really purchasing the Cord Blood for stem cells? ... blood donation · automatic blood pressure ...

PreEclampsia/HELLP Syndrome After Delivery

Appx. 5 days after delivery, my blood pressure went up, headaches, dizziness etc .., ... I was on blood pressure medicine for 6 months after I delivered. ...

Head Ache for 4 Weeks No Reasons Why Any Suggestions?

A constant headache could be a sign of high blood pressure and this needs to be ... I do agree with having your blood pressure checked because although that ...
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