High Blood Pressure

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Q About Hypertension

C.A. asks from Portland

So my DH went to the dentist and they took his blood pressure and said it was 137/99. I just read that 140/90 is hypertension and he is prehypertension. What I can't ...


High Blood Pressure After Pregnancy

A.R. asks from Charlotte

My daughter is 8 months old and I am still on High Blood pressure medicine. I never had any problems before the pregancy. Some say it will go away, but some say it wo...


Postpartum High Blood Pressure

V.B. asks from Dallas

I just delivered 3 days ago and after the delivery when vitals were taken my blood pressure was semi high. It never went down within normal limits and since it was n...


High Blood Pressure After Delivery

J.M. asks from Lansing

Hi, I'm wondering if there is any one who has had this happen to them and how it turned out. I delivered my 4th baby in may by ceaserean. Never had a problem with m...


Pregnant with High Blood Pressure

D.H. asks from Miami

My sister recently found out she is pregnant. She has had very high blood pressure for many years (although no one knows why - she is young, very thin and quite acti...


Pregnant with High Blood Pressure?

F.S. asks from Indianapolis

Hi this is my story I've gone through two pregnancies and i did not have high blood pressure if anything it was low ...now im pregnant agian but my blood pressure is...


What Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I've always had high blood pressure... well, above 'normal' (which is 120/80)... The past few time's I've been to the doctor for various reasons, I've received letter...


High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hello moms - My husband and I have been entertaining the thought of a second child. We went to a preconception appointment with the OBGYN in October 08. I was on Be...


What! High Blood Pressure Now?!

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

I delivered my third just about three weeks ago and just go out of the hospital after a few day stay due to high blood pressure (very, very high for me) 215/105 is w...


High Blood Pressure

J.L. asks from Denver

Hi moms! I have cronic high blood pressure that is controlled with medication. My husband and I decided a while back to try for baby #3. I vistited with my doctor an...