PreEclampsia/HELLP Syndrome After Delivery

Updated on November 01, 2011
N.W. asks from Clinton Township, MI
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Has anyone had PreEclampsia and/or HELLP Syndrome issues that lasted or presented itself after delivery? And, if so, how long did it last and what did your doctors do for you? I delivered a beautiful baby boy 1 week ago, and I am still having issues with the PreEclampsia/HELLP. They say it usually goes away with delivery, but that has not happened for me. I am having high blood pressures and elevated liver enzymes. They finally let me out of the hospital on blood pressure medication and I am to go back to the doctor on Monday to check the blood pressure and get more blood taken to check the liver enzymes. In the meantime, I am still not feeling right, and I am never sure if it is the blood pressure medication or something else. I am pretty much a nervous wreck because of seizures and other things that can occur with high blood pressure and elevated liver enzymes. It seems this is pretty rare to still be occuring, so I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses. It is comforting to know other people made it through similar situations okay. I am finally off the blood pressure medication, 3 months later and feeling like myself again.

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answers from Jackson on

it's not as uncommon as you might think. A lot of women just don't seek treatment or have such a mild case they don't realize.

You have LOTS of hormones coursing through your body after delivery, and lots of new stress, and depending on the mode of delivery (c-sections increase the risk of developing postpartum pre-e) lots of physical stress.

You should be going to the Dr. every couple of days to have your bp checked and meds adjusted until your bp is within normal range. This does tend to correct itself over course of time.



answers from Lansing on

I believe I heard that someone was experiencing those symptoms and they found out that the doctors had left part of the placenta inside her. I also believe that the placenta starts decaying very fast. I'm not sure if what I heard was accurate but you could research it if you wanted to..



answers from Detroit on

I did have this problem even after I delivered my daughter. I was on blood pressure medicine for 6 months after I delivered. I was gradually taken off after that. The best thing to do is to not worry about it. The more you worry the high your blood pressure goes. I does take a while but it does go away. I know how you feel. Keep you head up it does get better.



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I had Preecampsia (spelling?), after I delivered my daughter. To our knowledge, this was NOT present during my pregancy. Appx. 5 days after delivery, my blood pressure went up, headaches, dizziness etc.., so I called my OB/GYN and was seen that same day. My liver enzymes were very high and I was admitted to the hospital immediately. I was NOT allowed in the maternity floor b/c I had already been released, so they put me on the cardiac floor. I was given pitocin (again spelling?), and some other meds...and stayed for three days. Went home on blood pressure meds, which left me feeling strange - dry mouth, dizziness etc.. but after 6 months I was weaned off those meds too. I never had a seizure, the Doctor's monitored me well and once my blood pressure was out of "danger" I was sent home from the hospital. Trust your doctors that they are monitoring you closely and the BP meds. I too, was told it normally rids itself by delivery, but it certainly didn't in my case. It was very scary for me and my family. Not to mention the separation from my newborn threw me into Post Partum Depression (I had other risk factors for PPD also). I hope you find comfort in knowing this can happen and you'll be alright.

Also, a very good friend of mine had her first daughter a few month's ago and had HELLP. She was induced and kept in the hospital for a few extra days but is perfectly healthy now!

Does this help??
Good luck sweetie.
M. M>



answers from Fort Wayne on

yes...i got high blood pressure after i had my son...and i am still having it now and he is eight weeks old..i have bad headaches all the time and my liver enzymes r high to..medicines dont seem to help....i dont know how long this is soppose to last...but its driving me nuts too..



answers from Detroit on

I had HELLPS. It's what led to my emergency delivery. I wasn't even in labor. : (

I stayed in the hospital for four days for monitoring but everything was fine. The only after symptoms I had were numbness in my legs and toes. But that went away.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help and wish you the very, very best. Keep talking with your doctors. I learned to be forceful with them as far as getting the answers I needed and wanted.

Best, Lieca



answers from Sacramento on

wow i am too going through the same thing i delivered dec 8th 2010 my pressure at 154/102 its scaring me i so hope it does go away what do we do??



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi K B: Pre eclampsia is usually seen only in the first pregnancy. Sometimes it last a few weeks after you have the baby but that is not common. It sounds like your doctor or midwife is doing the right thing in checking your blood levels and blood pressure. You might want to learn to take your own blood pressure is very easy. Pre eclampsia does not occur very often with subsequent babies. If it does there are things you can do to help prevent it from getting worse.

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