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Haircare of African American Babies

M.K. asks from Syracuse

This question is actually for a friend of mine, she is pregnant and the father was African American but no longer in the picture. She has concerns because she has no...


Teaching My Daughter About Her African American Heritage

C.M. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is half Asian and half African American. I think it would be a good time to teach her more about her African American heritage, but would love resources ...


Ideas for Helping Adopted African American Baby Find Role Models

T.T. asks from Salt Lake City

I am seriously considering adopting an african-american baby. I am caucasion and do not have any African-americans in my immediate or extended family. I have been rea...


First Trimester Restrictions on Relaxing African-American Hair

S.B. asks from New York

My OB is adamant about me not relaxing my hair during my first trimester. I have very thick hair and my roots are crying out for straightening. Blow drying is only ...


Seeking Culture Support Group for Parents of Bi-racial Children

J.D. asks from Minneapolis

I have been trying to find a social/networking or culture/support group for parents of inter-racial children. I have a 13 year old daughter who is bi-racial. We liv...


Love Problem

A.P. asks from San Juan

Is sex is Important in love ? Is kiss is Important in love ? Is love Restricate by culture ?


First Hair Cut

C.C. asks from Dallas

Okay... I think I am addicted to Mamasource. Seriously, in African American culture, there is a superstition about waiting until the baby is a year old to have a ha...


Is Your Child Mixed Race??

K.B. asks from Augusta

Is your Child Mixed Race?? If So tell me about it! Im interested in knowing if anyone else has children that are Mixed Race and how you explain to your kids about the...


Toddler Inappropriately Bringing up Race/ethnicty - What to Do?

E.K. asks from Seattle

My 2.5 year old is starting to notice race - specifically African-Americans. On 2 recent occasions, she has seen an African American and said "Are you black?" (over a...


Mixed Race Infant Hair Care

A.F. asks from Boston

I am due to have a mixed race (african american & white) little girl in Feb. I have started to stress out because, I don't know how to take care of nappy hair. I know...

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  • african american population in 2 answers "... child in a place where there just isn't a large African American population ..."
  • adopt from another country in 2 answers "They have had to adopt from another country first to prove they could handle the ..."
  • wide tooth comb in 2 answers "As the curly hair comes in, use a wide tooth comb and conditioner to tame the frizzies."
  • learning about your heritage in 2 answers "... but I was disturbed that people would suggest that learning about your heritage ..."
  • black and african american in 2 answers "... is early enough for you to lovingly guide. First, Black and African American ..."