abusing the privilege

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Advice on How to Deal with Child Stealing

... of her own or did she prior to stealing and then loosing the privilege? ... it was listed as "Parent Abuse" and not child abuse!!! At the age of 18, ...

Husband Is Pushing Me Away....?

If he isnt beating you or verbally abusing you or putting you or your ..... Or that having a family and a spouse is a privilege; a precious prize that they ...

Need Help with Daughter Being Picked on and Beat up by a Boy at School

You need to discuss with your job that your daughter is being abused at school, ..... but you and your daughter have the right and privilege of being ...

Day Care Provider and TV

Just don't over use or abuse TV watching to try and get lesser important things ..... Now, watching their shows or a movie is a privilege they have to earn. ...

My Sons Father Does Not Pick Him up or Call Him

I believe this IS mental abuse but mental is so hard to prove in court so you .... Reality is he is a grown man, and has the privilege of making his own ...

Working Parents , Stay at Home Parents, Single Parents.

I had the privilege of staying home with my kids but that was pretty much dependant on ...... "Breaking the Curse: Unraveling the Secrets of Family Abuse" ...

8 Year Old Refusing to Do What She Is Told.

S.L. asks from Kansas City

My daughter will turn 8 in August. She's a great kid in so many ways and I am proud of her. She is doing exactly the same thing all my other kids did. She thinks s...


Frustrated 3 Year Old from Broken Home

F.G. asks from Kansas City

My sister-n-law takes care of her 3 year old grandson 24/7. Her daughter also lives in the home and doesnt take much interest in him. The father of her grandson doe...


Need Help W/ Teenagers

C.R. asks from Modesto

Hi, my two teens (plus, I have two younger ones-- ages 10 and 9yr) are really disrespectful to me. They curse in front of me, say things that are rude and just seem...


9 Yo Son Hates Me, Adores Father He Rarely Sees

A.M. asks from Austin

My subject heading is provocative, but I tried to sum things up in a nutshell. I know my son loves me but he is sooooo much more critical of me than his father and I...

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