Pregnancy: Miralax

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Anyone Use Miralax?

My almost-3-year-old had horrible constipation issues that were finally resolved w/ Miralax. It works wonders. My ped told me it is OK for him to stay on it awhile, but I wondered if anyone had any experience w/ long-term use? I'm concerned that if he becomes too reliant on it he will have a difficult time later on. Any advice?


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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Baby Poop Drama

Hello Everyone - My 6 month old son has pooping drama. He is breastfed and just started cereal last week. He has always HATED pooping. His poop is usually soft and I do not think he is truly constipated. He only poops once every 3-4 days and I feel like he is holding it can tell when it has been a couple days because he will be fussy and gassy. Whenever he does poop its like he is misrerable and in EXTREME pain. He cries unconsolably and will fight it all day. I will sometimes give him a suppository if he is extra miserable...

In the Womb

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Gross Question: TMI Hemorrhoids (36 Wks with Baby #2)

Ok so I know it's part of pregnancy, but I did not get any until AFTER birth with my first. It wasn't a huge deal just a sort of "oh my, what the hell is that" moment in the shower. Would cause a little pain and bleeding sometimes but went away. Well, they're back - at about 32 weeks I noticed . . . bleeding, pain while going #2. Comes and goes and sometimes it gets really bad and uncomfortable to poop, like everything is just falling out (TMI I know) and after I go it just feels like there's still something there that I need to squeeze...

Labor & Delivery

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How Much Miralax Should I Give My 6 Yo?

I have a stopped up little girl who is just recently out of pull-ups for BM's and is scared, therefore, resistant to "let it go" in the potty. Her Ped suggested Miralax, but I don't know how much to give her. I just bought a bottle at CVS and it says 17 grams for 16-adult. Anyone know how much to give?? Thanks everyone!

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Painful Constipation During Pregnancy

My best friend is pregnant with her second pregnancy. She has been experiencing painful constipation for about five days at a time. When she does go, it's not enough that she feels relief. She consulted her doctor and he suggested OTC anti-constipation medicine, but nothing is working for her. She's been feeling really depressed, with headaches. It's even affecting her work performance, because she can't even focus. Has anyone experience this? If so, what did you do to help?

Pregnancy Complications

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Need Some Advice to Deal with Pregnancy Health Issues

I really need to vent out. It's about some health issues in first trimester.I am now 11 weeks pregnant and a lot of things have happened since I found out I am pregnant. Nothing serious or complicated but since this is my first pregnancy , everything is new to me and I feel I have already been having too many problems and I have 6 more months to go. I had UTI(no symptoms) which was diagonised at my first appt.I took antibiotics for that and ended up having some mild burning while urination.I was asked to take yeast medication for 7 days...