Negative Blood Pregnancy Test but Still Pregnant?

Updated on February 06, 2018
A.A. asks from Torrance, CA
8 answers

I think I'm stressing a little bit but is this possible ?
negative blood pregnancy test but still pregnant?

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answers from Cleveland on

As a person who has had multiple pregnancies and only one child birth i just wanted to comment on this. One thing is that What the consider to be positive is a blood pregnancy level of HCG to be above five. However sometimes your urine can have more hormone in it then your blood does and that is why you get a positive on the home test. This is something that needs to be monitored because you can sometimes have what they call a hormonal pregnancy which is where the body produces HCG and there is never a fertilized egg. Also it depends on how far apart the tests were. If it has been a couple days between the home test and the blood test you may have miscarried in the mean time. This is very complicated matter and really needs to be monitored by a doctor! See your OB to see what is going on! Good luck and hope you are pregnant!



answers from Chicago on

Maybe not pregnant. On the other hand my friend was being told by everyone, you're pregnant. She went and took a blood test and it was negative. So she got to prove her husband's family wrong. That month she bought and moved into a new house and they were just married. She really started feeling tired, I told her it was stress. She finally went to the obgyn and she's pregnant. Turns out she was pregnant around the time she took the first blood just must have been too early to detect.


answers from Austin on

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand completely... I assume your blood work says you aen't but a home test still says you are--?

This article mentions that fertility drugs may interfere with home pregnancy test results and show false positives:

3. False positive pregnancy tests can be caused by certain medications
Certain medications such as phenothiazine can interfere with test results. Women receiving hCG therapy to treat a luteal phase defect or other fertility problem should consult their doctor as to accuracy of home pregnancy tests and when testing should be performed. Occasionally urine can be contaminated with blood or gross amounts of protein leading to inaccurate results.

I think I saw another post of yours saying you're taking Clomid... Perhaps the medication is interfering with the home test results?

I'm sure you were excited to think you were. Sorry for the disappointment.



answers from Anchorage on

Probably not pregnant, but if your period does not start in another couple of weeks call the doctor to see about other things that could be causing it.



answers from Detroit on

i think your hcg levels may still be registering the hormone, but if the blood work is negative, that is usually a real indicator that your not ( or that you do not) have a viable pregnancy.
sorry :( but i am not a dr. and anything can happen! thinking about it, and the stress that comes with that, is soooooo very hard. wish i could take some of that stress away from you :(



answers from Buffalo on

i took 4 home preg test and they said negative and i took a sonagram and they arebt telling me the truth and now i should be 19 weeks pregnant and i feel butterfly moments what shouldi think



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, you can be pregnant with negative blood pregnancy tests. I know this because it happened to me with my second pregnancy. Countless 2 false negative blood tests, and also a false negative ultrasound. My doc also didn't look properly because of the negative tests. But I had felt i was pregnant that time but doc only believes in test results. Then I decided to switch my clinic that is biotexcom, they suggested me for another ultrasound. The result was grateful I was 16 weeks pregnant! Don't be stress and take another test. So dear trust on you and your body because we know our own bodies better than anyone.



answers from New York on

I have a friend who tests negative to all pregnancy tests--her first OBGYN told her her pregnancy symptoms were all in her head until they did an ultrasound and found the baby. She didn't test pregnant for babies #2 or #3 either, so yes it is possible.

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