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Painful Constipation During Pregnancy

T.D. asks from Chicago

My best friend is pregnant with her second pregnancy. She has been experiencing painful constipation for about five days at a time. When she does go, it's not enoug...


Hypothyroidism After Pregnancy

A.R. asks from Cincinnati

Hello, My daughter just turned 13 months and I went to my doctor for an annual checkup and they did a blood test. I went to the doctor yesterday for the results a...


Need Some Advice to Deal with Pregnancy Health Issues

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I really need to vent out. It's about some health issues in first trimester.I am now 11 weeks pregnant and a lot of things have happened since I found out I am pregna...


5 Year Old Constipated

K.C. asks from Providence

Hi everyone I'm writing for the benefit of a family member whose daughter only makes a bowel movement about every 8 days. She has tried miralax and other laxatives w...


2 Year Old Daughter Suffers from Severe Constipation

M.R. asks from Indianapolis

My 2 year old daughter has a awful time using the bathroom. This has been going on since she was 2 weeks old. She is on MIRALAX and is taking 3/4 capful 2x daily. It ...


Bloody Noses

K.K. asks from Boston

My 2.5 yo son has a lot of bloody noses. He hadn't had them for 4-5 months or so, but starting in early September, has been having them again, 3-7 nights per week, o...


What to Take for Severe Constipation

M.P. asks from Phoenix

I realize that this isn't the most pleasant topic to discuss, but I have been having issues the past few weeks. I am in my 10th week of my first pregnancy. I have b...


Pregnant, Constipated, and DESPERATE

R.S. asks from New York

Hi lovely mommas! Well, here is my way TMI post - and I am sorry to do this, but I really am desperate. I am pregnant, still in my first trimester. My previous pr...


My Nephew Has a Medical Condition, My Sister Needs Help

R.P. asks from Wichita

hi all, i have a question, my sister has a little boy (age 4) who just found out that he has a medical condition that makes him poop his pants. i know weird, right? t...


Natural Remedy for Constipation

T.W. asks from Washington DC

I would like to know if there is something natural i can do to be regular I have had this a lot my whole life it is getting worse and is very annoying.