Third Trimester

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3Rd Trimester Blues and Surprise Girl

I've been feeling great 2nd trimestesr, but my first trimester I had a hard time dealing with the hormones and getting the blues and anxiety. Now i'm ...

Birthing Classes

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Childbirth Preparation Dvd's

Hi, The childbirth class my hospital offers is charging $300 for the class! I'd like a cheaper alternative and was looking into whether a DVD would be...



Ladies: First timer here. Hubby has the summer off from grad school. I thoug...


Birthing Classes

I keep getting told that it is time to sign up for a birthing class before they ...


Birthing Classes?

I'm pregnant with my first child. How many mom's have taken these so called bir...

Due Date & Labor

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What's My Due Date?

I carefully chart my fertility and menstrual cycle so I always know when I ovulate. According to my calculations, my due date is Nov. 14. Based on my...


Due Date Discrepancy

Hi Moms, Have any of you ever had a due date discrepancy? I'm expecting my t...


Estimating Due Date

Hi ladies! Good news, I am expecting my second child! YEAH! I know that when the...


Working up to Due Date

I was wondering how most first time moms handle working in the last trimester. I...

Fetal Development

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Weight Loss in First Trimester

Hey moms! I am about 8wks pregnant and have a question. When I got pregnant I was about 40lbs or so overweight. I quickly gained 8lbs which totally ...