Could I Be Pregnant Again? - South Saint Paul,MN

Updated on April 17, 2010
J.B. asks from South Saint Paul, MN
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I just miscarried on the 3rd of April. I was 25 DPO, so not very far along at all. It was quick and clean. Everything came out at once and then it was over. I bled for maybe 4 days and then it stopped. My husband and I went ahead and had sex after the bleeding stopped. All sources told us to go ahead. We wondered about a condom, but one health care provider said don't bother. I'm not a fertile girl and we had to use fertility supplements last time. That made me think there was no way we could get pregnant without them.

One of the main symptoms I had with the last pregnancy was this light pulling, stretching and soreness down in the ovaries. It made is really hard to cross my legs. After the miscarriage it was a relief to have it gone. However, the last few days it's been back. :( Is it possible I'm pregnant again already? And if so, is that bad?

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answers from Omaha on

I got pregnant in December of 08. Lost the baby in Feb of 09. So it wasn't a chemical pregnancy. But I got pregnant the first cycle after the miscarriage. So right away. I was told that was fine. Actually ideal and you are the most fertile then.

Well anyways my Rainbow baby was Born in November and he is sleeping soundly rightnow. :)

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answers from Sheboygan on

It wouldn't be terrible if you were pregnant again, but it is usually best to take a few months off and let your body heal completely. Since you weren't very far along, it shouldn't really matter, unless you had some complications during the m/c. You could possibly be pregnant again, but sometimes symptoms can continue for a bit after a m/c. Give yourself some time and see if you get a period. Remember, after a m/c, your cycle may take a while to get back on track, so I would say to wait until you have gone at least 6 weeks without a period, then take a test. If it comes up negative at that time, consult your physician. If positive, then congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on

A doctor told me that the only reason they will tell you to wait a month or two (if you are fully healthy and recovered from the miscarriage, which it seems you are) is so that they can be more accurate with the due date. It's not bad at all.



answers from Albuquerque on

I had the same thing happen to me last cycle (I think I responded to one of your previous questions). I think since it was so early that it's probably OK if you were to be pregnant again. I've heard of it happening to other ladies and I also heard that your more fertile after a miscarriage. I was going to wait another cycle before trying too but we did get some BD'ing in and I was hoping that we'd be pregnant again this cycle but it looks like AF will be showing on time.

Okay, now looking at your dates you would only be on cd 13 and probably around ovulation (depending on your cycle) so you wouldn't be pregnant yet. I'm not sure what the stretching feeling would mean. Good luck!



answers from Savannah on

It's completely possible. I know several women who got pregnant fairly quickly after a miscarriage. It's not a bad thing, so you don't need to worry. But like cricket said...usually they want you to wait a couple cycles before trying again. I don't know why a health care provider would say not to use a condom---that's weird. But I hope you're able to get the answer you want. Good luck! :)



answers from Duluth on

When I miscarried, I was 12 weeks pregnant, and it was physically very difficult--I bled for 12 hours, very very badly (could not have walked around my home) and finally wound up with very low BP in the ER. That said, my ob/gyn surgeon who did my d&c suggested waiting two months. When I did get pregnant, four months later, I had a rough pregnancy, that I've chalked up to a couple things--a lot of stress (moving cross country, unsupportive job), nerves about another miscarries, and the fact that my body hadn't fully recovered from that miscarriage--my new doc said that it can take two years, just like any pregnancy, to recover from a miscarriage. That said...a good friend of mine miscarried at about 6 weeks and was pregnant two weeks later. :) She had hyperemesis with both of her children, but said it was remarkably better with #2. She told me that you can actually get pregnant quite easily IMMEDIATELY after a miscarriage--the next cycle--because your body is still "wanting" to be pregnant, hormonally. I have no idea whether this is true, but she conceived in two weeks what had taken her a year for the baby she miscarried! I would say it's not a bad thing; your body didn't have a lot of physical trauma in your miscarriage, so if you're pregnant, enjoy it as much as you can!!



answers from Milwaukee on

I'm not sure if you could be pregnant yet. After miscarriage your body reacts a little funny sometimes. I miscarried september- October. It took me a complete month to miscarry. I was told that we did not have to use anything to protectous from getting pregnant either. My Dr. told me that if I would have had a D&C we would have had to used protection, because a D&C can cause damage to your insides that may make it more difficult to carry the next baby unless you are healed from it. I found out I was pregnant again in January. It took a few months to for me to become pregnant. Then again I know some people who have had babies 10 months a part so anything can happen. Since you miscarried at the beginning of this month you should probably wait until the beginning of next month to try a pregnancy test..


answers from Dallas on

I don't know if you are or not but I would be waiting to have sex. Your body needs to heal after a miscarriage and most dr's I know want you to wait at least after 1-2 cycles before trying again.


answers from Spokane on

Hi J.,

I miscarried when I was about 5 weeks, so I was very early. But the very next month, I conceived again, and went on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. My doctor said that everyone is different, and some women resume normal cycles after miscarriage, some don't. You never know if you'll ovulate unless you get one of those kits. You very well could be pregnant again. I would get a test RIGHT NOW! if I were you. I wanted to become pregnant again ASAP! I always have to know as early as possible, which for me is usually about 5 days before my period is due, thanks to high levels of hcg. And this is with Dollar Tree tests, mind you. Good luck to you and your man.




answers from Sheboygan on

I don't think enough time has passed for you to be pregnant. Most women ovulate about halfway through their cycle...unless your cycles are typically 18 days, I don't think you are pregnant. Get a home pregnancy test just to make sure. Best of luck!

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