High Risk Factors

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High Risk Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Detroit

I recently found out that I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. When I went to the doctor he advised that normally 35 years and older are considered to be high risk. I know ...


High Risk Dr?

S.G. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a good well recommended high risk Dr one preferably that works with older women. I am over 40 an new to the area and just found out i am pregnant. I...


Seeking High Risk Obgyn

V.S. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recommend a good ObGyn that deals with high risk pregnancies in Dallas/Garland/Plano area? Here's my background: I've had 3 failed pregnancies: stillborn ...


High Risk

B.U. asks from Minneapolis

I am pregnant with my second child and I am consederd very high risk. With my first child I gave birth at thirty weeks. I later found out that I have a very rare co...


High Risk Pregnancy OB/GYN

S.F. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, can anyone recommend a High Risk Pregnancy doc in the St. Paul area. I'm new to town and will have a complicated pregnancy. Thanks!


High Risk Pregnancy After a Loss

A.S. asks from Louisville

I just found out that I am pregnant!! But have some questions. We have a 3year old little girl and lost a baby back in June and it was very hard for both me and my ...


High Risk Pregnancy DR

L.W. asks from Cleveland

I'm 37 years old and pregnant (through IVF). I've already had 3 miscarriages so my fertility doctor reccomended I see an OB who deals with High Risk Pregnancies. I ...


High Risk Pregnancy

C.G. asks from Austin

Hello all, You may not remember me but I wrote in a few months back regarding getting pregnant in my 40's and how I felt like my chances were very low .....IT HAPPE...


High Risk Pregnancy

J.A. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of any HIGH RISK doctors anywhere remotely close to the North Texas area who take medicaid? My fiance is in terrible pain and cannot find a dr who i...


High Risk OBGYN

A. asks from Dallas

Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows of a "high risk for pregnancy " OBGYN? I am new to Irving area and need a good doctor. A.