Pregnancy: Clear Blue

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Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

My husband and I are trying to conceive our 2nd child. My period is due early next week and I will be honest---I am anxious and very excited to take a pregnancy test if I don't get a period. Clear Blue box says you can take it up to 5 days before your period is due; however it's more accurate the day and after you miss your period...just wondering if anyone has tested early and gotten an accurate result? Thinking about trying it...or maybe I should just wait?! My period is very regular...every 25 or 26 days.

In the Womb

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Trying to Get Pregnant

Ok moms, so maybe I am overthinking this, but I am trying to get pregnant (Yeah!) and it is now my third month trying. I am devestated everytime I get my period (even though my doctor assures me on average it takes 4-8 months to seal the deal!) So I was just curious, how long did it take some of you to get pregnant? Is 4-8 months typical?


Trying for Baby #2

I need any advice I can get. We are trying for a second baby and after 4...

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Does the Price of a Pregnancy Test Matter?

before i spend more money on another pregnancy test, i thought i would see if anyone had a similar situation. for over a year now, i end my pack of pills on a saturday, start my cycle the following wednesday and will have it until tuesday usually. well this time, it didn't start till thursday and was very very light (didn't really even need to use anything) and was totally over on sunday. i took a pregnancy test yesterday (sunday) morning and it was negative but i'm concerned because it's never been that light or that short either. the test...

Pregnancy Complications

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Dealing with an Ectopic Pregnancy

Has any mom out there had or knows someone that had an ectopic pregnancy- abnormal pregnancy where the egg implants elsewhere besides the uterus. Sonogram after sonogram starting at 5 weeks (2/15), they could not detect where the egg was up until March 2008 when i went to the ER early in the morning complaining of sharp lower abdominal pains. I went in for a sonogram and they found the enlarged egg in the right tube. Luckily the tube did not burst and they were able to save both of my tubes. They did find a lot of endometriosis in my right...


Having an Only Child

Hi there. I would love to hear from moms who have decided to only have one...


Trying for Baby #2

I need any advice I can get. We are trying for a second baby and after 4...

Pregnancy Tests

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EPT Or Clear Blue Digital?

Ok, ladies. I know many of you don't like "am I pregnant" questions, but I need your opinion about tests. We have been TTC for a few months, and today I took a First Response and got a faint positive. I have read that there's really no such thing as a false positive, so I think it probably counts, but I took the test in the middle of the afternoon because I am so excited and couldn't wait any longer! My hubby is not so sure it means a positive, so we went out and bought Clear Blue digital and EPT early result tests. I am going to take...