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Is This a Miscarriage?

I suddenly had a gush of blood today and have been bleeding off and on, but no clots. I am somewhere around week 9-10 and I also have had lots of abdominal pain and a sharp pain right in the middle there. This is Sunday, and I am avoiding the ER at all costs (I hate it) , so I am going to schedule my first appointment to be checked tomorrow and go asap to see what is going on. Any one else who had a miscarriage and experienced pain. This would be my third child, but I have never bled during my previous 2 pregnancies. I have had severe...


Miscarriage or Not?

So I found out I was pregnant last month on 5/26 with HPT. I went to get...


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What's a D&C?

What's a D&C? I have a family member that had a D&C but I don't know what it is. Thanks for the info.


Miscarriage and D&C

I had a Dr apt yesterday with an ultrasound. There was no heartbeat. I am...


D&C And Laproscopy

Hi there I just found out today at the DR that I have to have a D&C and a...


Period After D&c

I was in the process of a miscarriage and I had a d&c. That was 37 days ago...