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Updated on February 24, 2011
A.M. asks from Rochester, MI
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i was wondering if anyone has taken pregnancy tests that have come out negative but then turn out preggo??? i am a little over a week breasts are sore and i just FEEL pregnant..but ive taken 2 tests both with first morning urine and both came out negative...i already have two kids and i could have sworn i was preg but the tests dont lie right??? (BTW...i used kroger brand tests) that shouldnt matter right??

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So What Happened?

I usually have a 30-35 day cycle but im on day 45....i called my dr and she said the tests are rarely wrong...i just feel very off, with the sensitive breasts and REALLY i guess ill wait another week and rarely EVER this late...

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answers from Phoenix on

Wait a while...Go get another one, or go the doctor.
I went to the doctor and got blood test done for a pregnany test, and it came back negative, only to be pregnant.

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answers from Lincoln on

On average how long are your cycles and do you know when you ovulate? Charting would help you determine this. Chances are if you're over a week late on your period, it could be (1) stress of worrying that can delay your period or (2) you are truly pregnant. Sometimes tests can be faulty or perhaps you tested too soon? I tested on my 8th day of my luteul phase and it was negative, but I then I tested on my 12th day and it was positive and my cycles are usually 26 days long and I'm on day 35 so that's a few way you can tell. I suggest making an appt with your doc and have him/her confirm if you are or not. It sounds like you are though with the boob soreness.

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answers from Detroit on

I have taken tests before and came up with a negative, and they were indeed positive. Honestly I feel like the "cheaper" brands don't give as accurate results as the higher priced brands, but that could be just my experience. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

When I took my pregnancy test the lines came out very very light, in fact I wasn't even sure what to make of them, so I took another one and it came like that again. Then I went to the doctor and it came very light again! And here I am about to give birth in a few weeks (hopefully) so, if I were you I would wait a week and would take another one because you could be pregnant for sure.



answers from Detroit on

Yes, it is possible that you can be preg and not show positive on a pee stick. The only way that you will get a true answer is by doing a blood draw. But most doctor offices will not do this till 60 days. This is a fool proof test. It tests the hcg in your blood.
Good luck.
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answers from Chicago on

If you're a week late and the tests came back negative you are not likely pregnant. As your doctor said, tests when taken in a timely manner like you did are rarely wrong.



answers from Grand Rapids on

No the brand shouldn't matter. However the tests can be wrong. I would say you've taken the test too early. I never showed a positive pregnancy test until I was at least six weeks overdue for my period. SO you can either go to a doctor who can do a better test or hold off a few more weeks and take another one then see what it says.



answers from Detroit on

Most of mine were light until a good week to a week and a half after I missed my period, no matter what brand I used.



answers from Detroit on

I took a test after I was about a week late, and it came back negative. Then, about a month later at my annual doctor's appt. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I had been drinking at my son's first birthday party because I believed the negative test, so be careful and take care of yourself just in case.



answers from Detroit on

I had a false negative with my second child. I had a feeling I was pregnant but the test said otherwise. I waited a few days and took another one and it came back positive. Try again in a week or so.



answers from Eugene on

Happened to me twice--but I think I tested too early (but both times after my period should have come). The first time I took the test and went out drinking and was pregnant. The second time I accepted a job cross country and went out drinking. I definitely felt pregnant the second time so retested pretty soon thereafter, but the first time I think I waited like 2 weeks to take another test! And both times we were "trying"...some people never learn :)

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