Twins & Multiples

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C.H. asks from Lincoln

Does anyone have any advice IF I end up having multiples? My fiance and I will be starting to plan our family after we're married. And there's a high rate of multiple...


I Would like to Talk with Other Moms of Twins or Multiples for Advice

A.B. asks from Indianapolis

I am pregnant with twins and would like to like to open up a forum for advice from other mothers of twins or multiples.


Clomid and Multiples

B.B. asks from Portland

My doctor has just put me on metformin as the next step to help me get pregnant. He said that if after 3 months I haven't concieved the next step will be Clomid. I a...


Expecting Twins or Multiples Forum

E.G. asks from Iowa City

I have ten month old twins. When I was pregnant I had to switch from a nurse-midwife to an ob because of twins. They kept calling me high risk and telling me that t...


Moms of Multiples - What to Buy for Gift?

R.R. asks from Dallas

I have a good friend that is expecting twin girls. This is her first pregnancy, she is an older mom (35) and she plans on this being her "one shot deal". She also p...


Can It Really Be Multiples??

K.S. asks from Augusta

So I went to my first prenatal visit with my first ultrasound..... to our suprise they saw 3 different gestational sacks..... There is nothing showing in any of the ...


Looking for Moms of Multiples!

J.K. asks from Omaha

Hi all! I have a question about pregnancy with multiples. My big sister just found out a week or so ago that her in vitro took! She is DEFINATELY pregnant! At 2wk...


How to Not Offend Parents of Multiples.

M.B. asks from St. Louis

Hello! I dont know if im over thinking this, but I have heard a lot of parents of multiples complain about peoples "stupid and annoying" comments about their childr...


I Am Having Twins

K.H. asks from Missoula

I am wondering if I could have some advice and insights as to experiences with having twins. Things are going well in the pregnancy, but to hear from other Moms would...