Recent Misscarriage. Could I Be Pregnant Again? - Astoria,NY

Updated on February 05, 2018
R.R. asks from Astoria, NY
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A little back story first: I had a miscarriage in April. I let it happen naturally (and slowly) and just had my first cycle in August, so this would be my second period since the miscarriage.

I'm not trying to get pregnant yet, but I feel pregnant. My cervical fluid feels like the time I got pregnant in March (very wet, although I'm pretty sure I have already ovulated), smells are starting to bother me, and I started having morning sickness on Tuesday. I'm *guessing* I should get my period on the 25th (hard to say, since this is just the second cycle since my miscarriage), so I'm not late yet, but not too far off. I took a test this morning and it came back negative -- but maybe it's too early yet?

I have never felt more sure I was pregnant than I do right now (this would be my third pregnancy, second child). My question is, I guess, two-fold: has anyone gotten pregnant even though they were carefully using condoms? And/or has anyone felt pregnant during an early cycle after a miscarriage due to, maybe, excessive hormones from the miscarriage?

Obviously, I will re-test in a few days if I haven't gotten my period, but I'm just curious -- while I wait -- what others have experienced.


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So What Happened?

I had read that after a miscarriage your first cycles will be all over the map, your hormones will be wacky, and you will be sure that you are pregnant when you aren't. I figured reading this would prevent this from happening to me. But there I was with hormones making me feel pregnant and a period that ended up coming 9 days later than I expected. Even though I thought that my cycles had returned to normal, they hadn't yet. And even though my body had stopped feeling pregnant from the miscarriage months earlier, my hormones were still playing tricks on me. I hope this helps others in the future. My cycle became normal again the next month.

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds like it could go either way. I have 2 kids & don't even remember what my cervical fluid felt like! I have friends who got pregnant while using a condom. It is possible. I have 2 friends who had miscarriages (their 2nd pregnancies), and against dr's orders, they started trying right away & got pregnant pretty soon after the miscarriage. I don't know that it means anything, but I think you should wait a little bit & take an other pg test if you don't get your period. I was "sure" I was pregnant a couple months ago (soo tired, very hungry)...bought 3 tests, all negative, but just had a feeling...but I was wrong. I didn't get my period b/c I switched pills. We can read into things different ways. Sit tight, and take another test in a couple days.

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answers from Austin on

You might be pregnant. Wait a few days and test again if you have not gotten your period. The hormones from your miscarriage should all be out of your system by now.

No birth control method is 100%. My first child is a raincoat baby :)


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answers from New York on

I miscarried in March and for a while I still felt pregnant. The doctor told me that even though the baby is gone your body may still "think" that it's pregnant. I felt that way for a couple of months after. I actually had the feeling of the baby moving. Like the butterfly feeling. Or the rolling feeling It could be mind over matter. It could be hormones being released. I would wait until you get your period (or not). If you don't then retest. If it is still negative then call your doctor and explain what you are feeling.



answers from New York on

Unfortuately u will not know for sure until a few days after your period is due. Try to wait up until 5 days after your period is due to test. The longer u wait, the probability increases that you will get the most accurate answer from the home pregnancy test. It happened to me, I got a negative test right away and then waited a few more days and it was positive. Try to think of other things and just wait it out and have patience! Things will fall into play for you. Keep us posted and relax!



answers from Rochester on

I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy in my 2nd month. It was a full miscarriage. In fact, I actually passed the fetus while at the doctors office. He felt there was no need to do a D&C. Thank goodness he didn't! One month later I did not get my period so back to the doctor I went. Since this was many years ago, before ultrasound the doctor did some tests to see what was going on. The tests showed I was pregnant! Six and a half months later I delivered the most perfectly formed, full term, baby girl. The doctor was surprised (so was I). He said I must have actually been pregnant with twins but one twin didn't make it and was miscarried. But the other twin did make it and is now 40 years old. From what I understand, this kind of thing doesn't happen often but it does happen.



answers from New York on

Hi, I was pretty lucky as got pregnant 6 weeks after I lost my baby in the Dec (07) at 14 weeks and though it was devastating at the time I was able to have a few drinks at xmas without feeling guilty. I have no idea what my body was going through but I still, mentally, felt pregnant though did loose all my pregnancy weight from the stress but maybe my hormones were still in excess enabling me to concieve quickly. I felt myself ovulating with mild pains (which I never before noticed) and know the date it happened though it was a horrid wait for the test, as felt pregnant but wondered if my head was playing tricks. Good luck, it was a hard time but I was very positive through it knowing that if the baby had survived it may have had problems or been sickly but then I am, like I say one of the lucky ones, as got pregnant soon after. I do feel for the women who take ages to get pregnant after a miscarraige or suffer more as that must really mess with their heads and hearts.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, absolutely, I miscarried in Dec 2013 and went 7 weeks w/o having another period. I didn't know how long it takes for your body to go back to normal after miscarrying, but I thought 7 weeks was a reasonable amount of time so I took a pregnancy test to confirm and it was positive! I went to the doc the next week and I was pregnant.It can happen!My Baby is healthy and active. So if you feel you can take the test to confirm your pregnancy.

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