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What to Do About Depression???

Hi, My husband has always been moody. I just took it to be in his nature. Now that we have kids, however, he gets into these "moods" much more often, sometimes twice a week, if they only last a day or so. Sometimes they last a whole week and more! And I HATE it! I don't know what to do. He is not abusive, though sometimes can be mean. He tends to just be quiet and not say anything. I have to take care of the kids myself, as he does not want to be involved when he's in a mood. It's to the point where my soon to be three-year-old...


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Question About Anti-depressant

My OB/GYN prescribed Zoloft for me for PPD about 5 months ago. I started at 25mg/day & just last week I had to increase it to 50 mg/day. Since then I've felt really spacy. Almost like I'm taking cold medicine. Has anyone else experienced this & if so, how long does it last?

Post-partum (PPD)

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Seeking Other Moms Who Have Postpartum Depression

I would like to talk to other mom's who have dealt or who are dealing with postpartum depression. I was diagnosed almost twelve months postpartum. Would just like to know that I'm not alone.

While Pregnant

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Depression During Pregnancy

Has anyone experienced depression during their pregnancy? My unborn baby's father left 2 months ago and what started as sadness has developed in depression. I am 8 months pregnant.


Miena and Depression

Hello, I was wondering if any moms out there who have used or are using...