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Super Dry Skin During Pregnancy - Cocoa Butter? Coconut Oil? Anything Richer?

HI Moms: I'm 6 months pregnant with baby #2, and although cocoa butter seemed to make my belly happy for pregnancy #1, it doesn't seem to be doing the job anymore. My skin is literally peeling off and getting scaly in patches! Happily, no stretch marks on the belly, but is this the precursor? I've heard that coconut oil is supposed to be even better from my friends who are devotees of Whole Foods, but would love any advice on how not to become a molting snake!

Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Ettiquette

Okay, I know there are similar questions about this already, but I wanted to ask anyway. I am pregnant with my 3rd child, it's a girl. I have a 5 year old boy and an 15 month old girl. Now my 15 month old girl was born in April and this one will be born in December. I have had some one ask if I was gonna have a baby shower for this one and I honestly don't know yet. No one has offered as of now. I am planning on using the "gear" that I used with my daughter but clothes wise I don't think I'll be able to use much of since they'll be born at...

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Diaper Rash Gone Bad

my 1 month old daughter has an awful diaper rash, Ive used desitin, a&d, johnson's 3-in-1, and an oraganic butt balm. nothing I do seems to help much, i've managed to keep it from geting worse, but I can't get it to go away, she's crying all the time because it hurts her, and i can't do anything to help. I'm at my wits end, please help any adivce is appreciated

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Daughter Having Issues "Down There"

My 6 yo has been complaining of pain in her vaginal area, and it is very red. She wipes very well (possibly too well on occasion) and always goes front to back. She is constantly adjusting her underwear or scratching it - which isn't always appropriate! We tried putting A&D ointment on it, and that seems to help a little, but she doesn't like the feel of it. She also has eczema pretty bad, so I'm wondering if this could be another rash spreading from that... She has been taking a clean water bath every couple of days (no soap)...

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Nursing Mom and 8 Month Old Immune Systeme Need Help!

We have been sick for 6 weeks. It is one kind of sickness after another, flue, cold, flue, cold. With a few days of being ok in between. We just get over something and I think finally there is no way we can get sick again and then bam something else. This week we have had the throw up flue and a cold. I think we eat pretty healthy, i take very good vitamins( though I have been a little bad about being consistant last few weeks) and lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. I scrub the house after the sickness to try to stop the spread. With all...


Good Pregnancy Books

Hello. My Sister-in-law (hubby's bro's wife) just announced she is pregnant...