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Updated on December 21, 2017
M.H. asks from Fuquay Varina, NC
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Okay, so I never thought I would be asking this, but am I pregnant? For the past week I have been exhausted, the past three days I have been sick to my stomach (and threw up three times after a meal, sorry if that's TMI), my nipples are tender, my back hurts, but other than that I feel fine. There is no fever, no achiness, no nothing to make me think that it is the flu or a cold. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, but my last period was only two weeks ago. Did other women experience symptoms this early in pregnancy? I didn't have major symptoms with my son until about week four, but if I'm not pregnant, I have no idea what could be my problem! Thanks in advance for all of your input!

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So What Happened?

Thank goodness it was a false alarm! We know we want to have another child someday, but that day is not today! Thank you all for your help!

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answers from Louisville on

i swear i got sick an hour after getting pregnant with my first lol its totally possable



answers from Los Angeles on

I want to suggest you that wait for some time because it can be positive symptoms of pregnancy and take the test after some days to ensure that you are pregnant or not.If results are negative then you should have to go for the expert advice because this can be due to the health issue.The expert will tell you the reason for that and will give the proper details about your problem. If you think you have flu, discuss with your doctor because if left untreated it can be more harmful for your health.Take care of your health properly and try to avoid things which cause infection.
Good luck



answers from Detroit on

Wait another week and take another pregnancy test. Yes, these are all symptoms of pregnancy and you should definatly find out as soon as possible. However, they are also common conditions of Anemia, a problem that comes with low blood count, so take the precautions and find out first of you actauuly are pregnant and if not then you should be checked by your doctor for anemia because if left untreated it can actually become quite serious. If you are preganant..congratulations and best of luck!



answers from Milwaukee on could be. And yes, you can have symptoms immediately, that just means that you know your body really well. I would wait 2 more weeks and then test again...or you could call your ob and ask for a blood test, that will tell you for sure, even at this early. If your HCG levels are above 40 I believe...that is really what I would do. Or go to a walk in clinic, have a preggo test run and have them check you for a flu? Did you have un-protected sex, or miss a pill? Is there somehow that this is a possibility? But don't talk yourself into thinking that you are until you know for sure. But with my second, I tested at 4 weeks, and it was negative, then the very next day I tested again and I was positive...I would really go to a doc and find out for sure once and for all. Good Luck hon, let us know...



answers from Raleigh on

Some women have "typical" pregnancy symptoms during ovulation. I thought I was going crazy but when I started asking around other moms experienced the same thing(my only simptoms however with both of preg was hunger till week 6 so go figure:)).
Ovulation usually takes place on day 14 since the first day of your period, so if you had sex since your period ended there is a chance of pregnancy.Wait longer to take a test though.


answers from Fayetteville on

You very well COULD BE pregnant. While pregnant with my daughter, I took 8 at home pregnancy tests, and 4 blood tests. The blood tests NEVER came out positive. I'd say that the soreness in the nipples is definitely and STRONG possibility for being preggers! Good luck!

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